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The world is in constant evolution and customs adapt according to technological progress. Not just adapt, but increase and create new ways of offering services, always thinking about pleasing the final consumer. Therefore, supply and demand in the sexual field, especially sex without commitment, could not be different, as is the case for professional British escorts in Sheffield.

Since 2010, an adult classifieds site, Skokka, has expanded so quickly that it is now present in more than 26 countries. Thousands of pages where the desire for sexual satisfaction is easily achieved. Divided into categories, the user can browse according to desires and fetishes, with the certainty that in a few clicks, will reach the goal: spicy encounters without commitment.

No-strings-attached and professional sex

Skokka came and stayed in each of the countries where it opened its doors. The territorial magnitude of Australia combined perfectly with the classifieds giant’s desire to expand. It is currently present in 26 cities on the continent, being a leader in search engines and a reference in the adult market.

This results in easy access to sex for all, with a few clicks and great security, since the ads are made independently, completed with the information and conditions of those who offer on the web, pleasure as a service.

The escorts have followed this technological evolution and today, they enjoy a platform that reaches their customers wherever they are. Many of them even take the opportunity to do seasons in different capitals, always taking advantage of the flexibility to edit their ad.

What is the best way to find companionship on Skokka?

According to the most searched terms on Skokka, thousands of users are quickly looking for sex with Brisbane escorts for their pleasure-hungry bodies.

Interestingly, in Australia, physical features and styles also reveal preferences. There has been a shift in searches this year, featuring “mature” as the fifth term with 10.48%, contrary to what many imagine, that young girls were more sought after. Young girls, on the other hand, are not even featured in the top ten terms.

If one considers the 10 most sought-after words in the area of sex, it is not surprising that, with the crisis that Australia had been experiencing for some time, the cheapest services provided by Indian girls are in first place with 23.38%. It also highlights the word “BBW”, which breaks with the canons of beauty stigmatized by today’s society, with 6.50%, something that was not so common before.

Even one of the novelties brought about by the quarantine and the State of Alarm is the word “video”. Innovate or die, right? The surprises revealed by Skokka do not stop there. The Coronavirus has also brought its data and its new search parameters adding to the previous ones, some novelties.

The facility of finding these professionals also highlights the importance of security for advertisers. This is why Skokka reiterates the entry of the word “video” on the list in these complicated times that call for health concerns and social distancing.

In addition, it’s impossible not to mention the demand for anal sex, at 11.13% during COVID-19 as it seems that couples have had a lot of time for innovation and are looking to spice up relationships.

Main physical characteristics of escorts

There are many expressions that define a profile in the adult world. In view of this, Skokka reveals that the so-called BBW (Big Beautiful Woman), attracts many users, who give the category a seventh place in the ranking.

The site also offers a filter tool, where the user can release not only their fantasies, but also their preference for blondes, brunettes or redheads. Diversity is easily found in a web that reached 14 billion sessions, 5 billion page views and up to 6 million ads. Therefore, there is encouragement for so many spicy dating options in the Skokka brand.

Skokka and its categories

It would not be surprising that the escorts category search wins the top spot with 77.25%, as it is undoubtedly the most searched category on Skokka, the industry leader.

But it not only offers professional services, but also the possibility of finding a serious relationship, or that casual encounter with someone who can be very interesting. To this end, the Adult Meetings category has a 2.95% interest rate and has also given birth to love stories, which were reported on Skokka’s social networks.

And, for those who like transsexuals and transvestites, there is an exclusive category, full of professionals. This category represents 15.49% of the total searches in Skokka’s categories, above male escorts with 4.31%.

What about Australia in general?

Among states and territories, Victoria is at the top, with a dynamic list of advertisers and a large number of searches for independent escorts in Melbourne. Next is New South Wales, which although it is a state where many tourists circulate, represents 25.71% compared to the 14.52% of the also very visited Queensland.



  1. Maybe for young unmarried men, it’s ok. But it’s so wrong for married people and the ones in a relationship to see these ladies. Stay safe and practise safe sex when possible.


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