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elcome to “Sex Talk With Taty,” a highly anticipated sex and relationship advice column for millennials where Tatyannah King, sex coach for the Blex app and sex blogger, responds to your urgent questions and explicit dilemmas. 

Sex Talk With Taty!

“Sex Talk With Taty” is a safe space for spicy questions of any kind, from, “What are your suggestions for best sex parties?” to “How do I politely tell my partner to stop eating me out as if they’re slurping excess soda off the lid of their to-go cup?” and even serious dilemmas like, “I was chatting continuously for months with someone I matched with on Tinder only to be ghosted days before our first date. What should I do now?”  

Totally Anonymous!

Have no fear to reach out to “Sex Talk With Taty” as your #1 outlet to unleash your deepest curiosities, secret yearnings, and crucial predicaments. All the questions and dilemmas will be posted anonymously! 

Why Should I Ask Questions Here?

Though, you may be wondering, “Why should I ask questions here?” Let’s just say that Tatyannah King’s reputation as an internationally acclaimed sexual wellness coach for blex and blogger proceeds her. Her words are found in various digital platforms such as tabú, a modern-day educational platform that advocates sexual and mental health, and Tickle.Life, the world’s first community-based discovery platform for sexual wellbeing and sexuality.

She has also been featured in various print and digital publications like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, xoNecole, BUSTLE, HelloGiggles, Well + Good, Ireland’s Business Post Magazine, and The Irish Independent. Furthermore, she is an educational presenter and a member of the Community Development team for The Center for Positive Sexuality and a graduate student at Widener University, studying Human Sexuality and Social Work to ultimately become a clinical sex therapist. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Submit any questions, inquiries, troubles, or any form of advice here.

Ask Me Anything Anonymously!

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  1. Hi Taty! Here’s my question. My boyfriend and I have a fantasy about having a 3-some. But I worry that if we really did it, it might create jealousy, or even break up our relationship. On the other hand, my boyfriend has been bugging me to do it. And, I have a girlfriend who is very keen to play with us. What should I do? Take a chance on a 3-way romance? Thanks <3

  2. I consider myself to have a high maintenance vagina. ANYTHING throws off my pH balance. I’m not a fan of using mainstream vaginal health products though. Do you have any suggestions on natural methods for vaginal upkeep?

  3. Hello, I have a Shoe Fetish where I have masturbated with delight for a long time. My fetish has turned into not being able to climax off the usual websites but to real professionals in this field! This is very stimulating foreplay and absolutely necessary in order to climax. Usually a private video of the female professional shoe playing in Classic Pointed Closed Toe Stiletto Pumps. I assure you IN THIS UNIVERSE THERE EXISTS AT LEAST ONE SATISFIED PERSON FEELING REALLY REALLY GOOD FROM THIS!!!!! What do you think, can I get help? Do I need help or assistance?

  4. So I have really bad anxiety about sex and sexual activities, I cannot go by with doing something without the fear and thought about pregnancy, recently a girl touched my penis, and only touched, she had her pants on the whole time. Mind this was in the car. Our genitals were roughly a foot apart. I asked people and they all have told me it is not possible. I want to believe me but why do I just overthink that she is pregnant? Why do I have so much anxiety about this stuff ?

  5. I have recently started talking to a guy online. He makes me feel very good about myself and I find myself fantasising about sex with him. We have recently started sexting which leaves me feeling so good. I have never received this type of attention before or even taken part in this kind of communication. I find myself saying things to him I never dreamed of saying out loud. It was really brought out my sexual being. I am worried that this could be bad for me and unhealthy for my mental well-being

  6. im a virgin female and i used to masturbate before but since 2 days i bleed when im masturbating and im itchy around that area too

  7. Hi, I am physically a girl and my partner is also a girl. We have been together since two or more years. We have had a good sexual life or atleast that’s what I was thinking. But recently I got a revelation. My partner just opened up and told me how they are not sexually turned on anymore with me or attracted to me. She told me that she is wet but that does not mean that she is turned on and honestly I don’t know the difference. She told me how it all starts with dressing. According to me I do take efforts in my dressing but she mentioned how I need to take more efforts, in dressing up, turning her on right even without undressing or being alone in a room. Like how it starts with general meetings. I really don’t know what to do, I am rethinking everything I do now. Right from my clothes to my behaviour to my actions in bed. I need to know how to turn her on enough, so that she reaches a point wherein I give a good climax to her. Please help


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