Satisfying Her in and Out of the Bedroom

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What Women Want

If you want to get started pleasing your woman in and out of the bedroom, try these sexy tips!

• Give unexpected massages, hair stroking or other physical affection
• Only if sincere, tell her how much she means to you during lovemaking
• Compliment her with “just because” notes or phone calls
• Plan romantic evenings that will fill her with anticipation of what is to come
• Lavish her with oral sex and let her climax first
• Share romantic feelings
• Experiment with role-playing

However, if you want to really satisfy your woman and protect your relationship, read on
for more details.

It’s no secret that women are known for being sensitive and more in touch with their
emotions than men. However, they still place much importance on intimacy, the physical
characteristics of their significant others, as well as themselves, and sexual gratification.
There are many important qualities that women look for whether it be in bed or simply in
a lover. Below are some of the most common qualities to read over and make note of
how many you have and how many you can improve after reading through this e-book.

Sex is an art that requires awareness and knowledge of a woman’s needs and desires. I
will share just what it takes to please a woman in every way possible and will give you
the basic tools to acquire more information about women and what they want
in bed.

What Women Look for In A Lover

Listed below are many things that a woman wants in a lover:

  • A Lover who communicate openly
  • A Lover who take initiative
  • A Lover who can provide undivided attention
  • A Creative and inquiring lover
  • A Sexually, emotionally, and mentally intimate lover
  • A Lover who care about their appearance from their clothing to their scent
  • A Lover who can read their desired communication style (i.e. verbal or visual)
  • A Lover who finds pleasure in satisfying their partner
  • A Confident and courageous lover
  • A Lover who know the art of kissing and the techniques of foreplay
  • A Lover who know exactly where her erogenous zones are located
  • A Lover with the ability to control their ejaculation to lengthen their love making
  • A Lover willing to provide a sensual massage without any agenda
  • A Lover who know how to give positive feedback as well as receive it
  • A Lover who enjoy giving women what they want in bed as well as what they want outside of bed.

Be More Sexy Outside of the Bedroom

Make your lover the center of your attention. Turn off the television, radio, computer or
any other distractions if you don’t want to turn off your woman. Bring home little trinkets
for no special reason. A single flower or some chocolates will let her know that you were
thinking about her.

You can also do a lot to set the mood for a woman by stimulating all five of her senses.

Some ways you might do this include:

  • Listen to music, initiate love-talk before, during and after you make love.
  • Let her get olfactory cues from flowers, incense, scented candles and cologne.
  • Add sensual ornaments, pillows and accessories to your bedroom.
  • Create new touches with oils, lotions and powders.
  • Consider giving her satin sheets and silk lingerie.
  • Order in a gourmet dinner or buy favorite snacks and drinks (never make love on an empty stomach).
  • Let your lover know that she’s making a positive difference in your life. And show her
    how much you appreciate her by making her breakfast in bed. Write her love letters.
  • Give her lots of compliments; physical, emotional and appreciative ones.
  • You can’t really get too romantic or too old-fashioned when it comes to winning a
    woman’s heart. Take her on romantic walks or surprise her with a picnic lunch and you
    can’t go wrong. Always kiss her goodbye and give her a big welcome home. Don’t miss
    an opportunity to kiss her at unexpected times in unexpected places.
  • Let her know what you love about her the most. Phone her in the middle of the day just
    because you want to hear her voice. Take her on a fantasy date once a week. Record a
    message of love for her to listen to at home or in the car.

In the Bedroom Try These Tips!

  • Learn how to give your lover a slow, sensual massage. Such a time is also good for helping you discover all of her erogenous zones from her toes to the top of her head. Simply ask her to rate your caresses and kisses from 1 to 10 and remember that she is not rating you, but her erogenous zones. Make a mental note of where key spots are that she rates 8 and above.
  • Learn how to undress a woman slowly and appreciate every part of her skin before
    making love to her. Sex should not be a race. Go slowly and make love to each part of
    her. Be gentle and touch her so lightly it will leave her wanting more.
  • Try using ice, whipped cream or strawberry jam for foreplay. The key is to build sexual
    anticipation and take her slowly toward her orgasm. And always wait to have your
    orgasm last (more on how to prolong your ability to extend this time in a moment).

Women Want Intimacy

To better understand what a woman needs or wants, it is imperative to understand the
importance of intimacy. It is often assumed that intimacy is a single aspect of a
relationship, e.g. the physical part. People mistake intimacy in this way so having sex
automatically would mean two people were intimate. Although there is some truth
behind the physical perspective, alone it doesn’t encompass the full range of emotional,
intellectual and spiritual intimacies

What is intimacy?

Let’s start by breaking down the word intimacy and look at it phonetically. Into sounds very inviting doesn’t it? When you get into something, it means you really want to be there, right? What about Me See? You’re saying “This is ME. SEE me, all of me, because I have nothing to hide.” It’s like having a long zipper from your head to your toes, opening it and saying “Here I am.” Intimacy is about getting rid of protective layers and facades by revealing yourself to someone you truly love.

Intimacy is not a wild, rapid passion, but a slow burning passion. Intimacy doesn’t have to be serious; it can be fun like a Monopoly game. Your goal in Monopoly is to own expensive hotels on Park Place, but you can’t do that until you have purchased some less expensive properties on Baltic Ave.

It’s the same with intimacy. Your goal is to connect with someone mentally, emotionally and sexually, but you have to work your way up to it. You can do so by taking your time, getting to know your partner, exploring non-sexual areas and work up to primary erogenous zones.

For intimacy you need to be 100% present and enjoy the journey as much as
the destination.

When a woman feels intimate with her partner, she feels safe and she will
surrender to ultimate pleasure and satisfaction without any inhibitions.

It is beneficial to first grasp the meaning of intimacy and discover all five approaches to
helping free your inhibitions and soon achieving it. With that knowledge, you can
improve your communication also.

Intimate Communication

Communication is a process. To communicate effectively with your partner means
listening, interpreting and providing feedback. This will bring you closer to any partner.

Your most important sex organ isn’t between your legs but rather between your ears. This is where all sexual behavior begins. It’s what you do with it that counts. Use it, or lose out on having all the sex you’d like.

More than a few lovers have discovered that a whispered suggestion, especially when
it is in the ear of a woman, can be very arousing. Learn what the “secret password” to
your gal is and you will make your life more entertaining and be started on the road that
will lead to her satisfaction, adoration, and loyalty as well.


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