Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

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Why Do Men Cheat?

Let’s find out…

1. Variety is the number one reason men cheat even if their partner is beautiful,
sexy, smart, nurturing and his ultimate fantasy woman. He may still want to have
sex with someone completely different. You can blame it on the biological
programming that makes a man’s brain crave sexual variety or his primitive
instinct to go hunting, but you cannot change it if he wants variety.

2. His Ego swells when stroked by an attractive stranger. He loves the thrill of the
chase and the hunt before the conquest that feeds his masculine ego especially
when it’s been neglected. A man thrives on praise and compliments but if he
doesn’t get them from his partner, he’s an easy target for a loose lover.

3. Fantasies with lovers who are willing to make all of his wildest sexual fantasies
come true from role-playing, domination, sex slave, golden showers, swallowing,
anal and group sex. He may be too ashamed to share his fantasy with his partner
for fear of rejection, judgment or even ridicule.

4. Boredom is a common reason that men cheat, especially if his partner has let
herself go, is too lazy to make herself attractive for him or has put on too much
weight. For a married man who is unhappy at home, cheating is cheaper and
easier than getting a divorce. For an unmarried man, cheating is easier than
confronting his partner because he doesn’t find her desirable.

5. Emotional Connection that he is not getting at home may motivate him to cheat
with a co-worker who listens to him, nurtures him, dominates him, babies him or
just make him feel good about himself when he is with her. That’s why many men
cheat with secretaries or someone close to them at work, apart from the fact that
it’s also very convenient.

6. Revenge when a man finds out his partner has been cheating on him, cheating
on her is the quickest way to heal his hurt feelings. Instead of arguing, seeking
professional counseling or forgiving his partner, he would rather have angry sex
with a one night stand or several depending on how easy it is for him to get laid.

7. Better Sex and more sex with someone who is willing to do the things he wants
to fulfill his sexual needs. Oral sex and anal sex are top contenders, so if he has
a disinterested partner who rejects his advances or won’t try to please him, then
he is going to look elsewhere until he finds someone who likes the same sexual
activities he does.

8. Addiction to love, romance or sex can be an excuse men will use to get a free
pass when they are in a relationship and they don’t know how to get out.
Whether it’s for financial reasons or because of the children, he chooses to cheat
with as many women as he can for fear that he may be missing out on love,
romance and sex, but he is too chicken to be honest with his partner. He would
rather be labeled with a disease or an addiction than face his own insecurities.

9. For Fun to see if the grass is greener on the other side. He is comparison
shopping and having fun being sneaky to see if he can get away with cheating. If
he gets away with it the first time, he may keep doing it unless his cheating
experiences are disappointing or too expensive.

10. Stress and anxiety about work, health, family and finances can lead to cheating
as a quick fix. This may seem like an unlikely form of stress management, but to
a man with a high sex drive, it can be the best form of stress release especially
with someone who he has no strings attached.


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