10 Juicy Relationship Ideas For June

relationship ideas

10 Juicy Relationship Ideas for June

Things are starting to warm up, so here are some hot relationship ideas to bring on the heat this June!

Relationship Ideas

Why are weddings so popular in June?

Historically it was the ideal time to conceive a child, since a spring birth the following year would ensure better winter survival. These days not everyone opts for spring nuptials, so let’s bring on some new traditions for this happy month to spice things up in our relationships, whether we’re tying the knot – or not!

In my book, Neuroloveology, I explore the positive results of actively seeking new behavior with your partner. When you learn something new together, or step outside your comfort zone as a couple, you grow your brain cells, and your relationship.

Here are ten juicy relationships ideas and ways you can take this relationship-enhancing step, and create a new June tradition while you’re at it!

Make A Fantasy Come True

relationship ideas fantasiesSharing sexual fantasies with your lover can boost arousal and provide an avenue of exciting escape for both of you. Choose an idea – whether it’s making love in a public place or dressing up like a cowboy – and make it happen! Use your imaginations and exhilarate your brains and bodies together.

Aphrodisiac Feast

When you grab groceries this week, add some aphrodisiacs to your cart and make a tradition out of serving an sexy feast to your lover. Pumpkin pie boosts men’s penis blood flow by 40%, and licorice stimulates women’s sex glands, bringing oxygen to the female genitals 40% faster. Go here for more sexy feast ideas.

Striptease Please

For this little number, you will need a few props: layered clothing, sexy lingerie, high heels, some sexy background music and a chair. Find an open space in your home and sit your partner down in the chair. Play your favorite sexy music and let the dancing begin!

Sexy Picture Day

Why not start a tradition of photographing each other nude? You don’t need to share them with anyone else, and watching each other pose can be a huge turn-on. There is nothing more beautiful than the human form in its natural state.

Weekend in Bed

relationship ideasStart by clearing your schedule. The only work you’re going to be doing over the weekend is pleasing your lover between the sheets! Cook breakfast naked in the kitchen and then eat it together in bed. Skip lunch and order take-out food for dinner.

Sensual Experience

Before making love, prepare something to heighten all of your and your lover’s senses to create an unforgettable lovemaking session. For your sense of sight: dim the lights, smell: light scented candles, sound: talk erotically, taste: snack on fruit and for touch: use feathers, silk, or oil. Try out sensation play for couples!

Raid the Toybox!

What is a sex toy? It’s anything that you use to enhance foreplay or sex. The most commonly used sex toy is the vibrator, which many people mistakenly think can only be used by women for solo masturbation. Not true! Incorporate sex toys into your lovemaking, and it just might become a daily tradition!

Supercharge your Kiss

Of course you’re not going to save kissing for June alone, but this month is as good a time as any to reconnect with a powerful, passionate, fall-to-your-knees kiss. Many people don’t realize that a man’s testosterone gets transferred to the woman’s mouth during French kissing, which boosts her libido, and gets you both in the mood.

Sex Picnic

Make sure you buy all of your lover’s favorite finger foods, hot and cold, and create a picnic in the middle of your bed.  Spread out a large sheet and cover it with the variety of delectables.  Take turns feeding each other slowly and licking each other’s fingers sensuously.

Hot Spots

relationship ideasMake a habit out of sensual massage! The best way to find your lover’s erogenous zones is to give them a massage from head to toe and ask them to rate their ‘zones’ on a pleasure rating scale from 1 to 10. It’s your job to focus on their favorite parts. Try licking your lover’s eyebrows, kissing their nose or stroking the backs of their knees. Enjoy the journey!

For more relationship ideas and tipcs on how to create new experiences in your love life and grow your brain cells while doing it, read Neuroloveology: The Power To Mindful Love & Sex.


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