Tip 10 Signs Your Man is Cheating

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Understanding Cheating by Dr Ava Cadell

Considering that humans are a non-monogamous species, modern Western society’s
expectations regarding relationship fidelity can be especially hard for men. They are
biologically wired to respond to variety and to sow their seed in as many places as
possible, and by places I mean between women’s legs☺

When Romeo and Juliet conveyed their dying love for each other (literally), most people
didn’t live beyond middle age. Now with the advent of modern medicine and sanitation,
our lifespan has been extended, making it less and less likely for long-term couples to
remain monogamous; men’s need for sexual variety is so understood that a huge porn
industry has emerged. And when porn isn’t enough, well then there’s cheating.

The Top 10 tell-tale signs your man is cheating include:

1. He starts spending less time with you, but always comes up with last minute
excuses that he has to work late or take sudden trips out of town.

2. He no longer gives you long juicy kisses, but replaces them with short pecks on
your lips or face.

3. He starts requesting that you change things about your body such as shaving
your pubes.

4. He makes noticeable changes to his physical appearance such as adding
highlights to his hair or going on a diet and working out regularly.

5. Inside his car is unfamiliar with a new radio station and the passenger seat has
been changed, so you know someone else has been sitting in your seat.

6. His aroma is different because he is now wearing a new cologne or you can
smell another woman’s perfume that has rubbed off on him.

7. He is constantly on his cell phone texting, talking in code or he leaves the room
whenever it rings.

8. He spends more time with his computer than he does with you, especially at
night when you go to bed.

9. He says that he doesn’t have enough money to buy you the things that you need
because he is short of cash.

10. He suddenly starts bringing you little trinkets and acts uncharacteristically nice to
you without any explanation.


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