Product Review: OG Flow by Tracy’s Dog

I received this amazing 2-in-1 toy called the OG Flow by Tracy’s Dog.  Not only was it packaged beautifully with its own silk satchel, it comes with a magnetic charger – a major plus for me because nobody has time for complicated chargers!  That was just my initial thoughts when I opened the box, but once I picked up the toy that promised double the pleasure and felt how soft and flexible it is, I knew it was going to deliver. I just had to decide where to start, the long shaft bends to any angle you could imagine for reaching all the spots you desire and the softness that surrounds the suction literally forms to your body. So I decided to jump in for the full experience of internal and external satisfaction!

Once I fully unpacked it I was truly impressed. From the gorgeous lavender color to the silky smooth texture, it was almost too pretty to touch…almost. I was also pleased to know that Tracy’s Dog uses premium materials, giving me peace of mind on what I use on my body and making it comfortable to wear as well. With 10 levels of intensity, I found myself wearing the OG Flow in many places. I especially loved that it could join me in the bathtub. I love long baths so having a toy charged that lasts longer than me is a relief, no need to feel rushed when I’m trying to relax. This double feature toy definitely provided many ways to connect with myself and feel in control of my pleasure.

exsUsing one feature at a time had its perks as well! Unfolding the handle completely allows you to use it like a showerhead and provides pulsating external stimulation at whichever pace you choose. When using the wand feature you can bend it into any direction and shape your body responds to best. The overall design encourages you to find what works for you and discover new ways to make each orgasm more intense than the last. Deepening an understanding of our bodies is a beautiful gift that this toy provides. Take your time in discovering all the sensations that the gentle pulsations provide but do not mistake gentle for weak because the results are powerful! 

The OG Flow would be great to use alone or with a partner because there are so many options and angles to use. This is the perfect toy for your partner to use when stimulating the G Spot. Oral pleasure can be enhanced as well when combined with the various suction settings, your partner can take their time in learning all the ways your body responds to the sensations. The two main function buttons make it easy, allowing there to be smooth transitions in speed and pulsating patterns. Sometimes vibes jump from one intensity level to the next, but Tracy’s Dog OG Flow is true to its name…it just flows! Each setting gradually and gently takes you to the next level, giving you the confidence to explore deeper than ever before. 

If you want a toy that is versatile and easy to use, this is the one. It will provide endless ways to pleasure and know yourself deeper, providing long term satisfaction. With each use, discover what your body is capable of. I love that as I change and have a variety of needs, it changes with me. Each time I use the OG Flow it’s a different experience, so no matter my mood it provides what I need in that moment leaving me feeling fulfilled. The more I connect with myself, the more I feel empowered to connect with others. That’s the bonus benefits of using the OG Flow by Tracy’s Dog.



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