How to Please Him in the Bedroom & Everywhere Else

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What Men Want in Bed!

Pleasing your man sexually may cause him to redirect his energies to you and your
relationship. If you want to get started pleasing him… try these hot ideas to please him in the bedroom and beyond!

  • Share your fantasies with him and role-play together
  • Do a striptease for him when he least expects it
  • Talk erotically to your man during lovemaking
  • Have at least one quickie a week
  • Make love in different places
  • Give him a sexual massage
  • Lavish him with oral sex

Here are the top 12 qualities men want in their partner. How many do you have?

1. Men want women who say what they want
2. Women who will initiate sex
3. Women who are uninhibited
4. Women who wear sexy lingerie
5. Women who are responsive
6. Women who enjoy erotic talk
7. Women who like to role-play
8. Women who want quickies
9. Adventuresome women
10. Confident women

How would you like to have a man in your life that is going somewhere – but always
comes back home to you? How would you like to have a man that is devoted to your
relationship? That you can trust? That you believe in and is there for you in every way?
Men are both physical and emotional creatures but women tend to focus on the
emotional side more. If you can give your man the balance of both sides, he’s going to
be much more willing to forget about other opportunities. Why stray if he already has the
woman of his dreams? While no healthy relationship is all about the physical or the
emotional, you want to bring a healthy dose of both.

Here is how to become the sexy woman of your man’s dreams.

Whispering Sweet Nothings

Most men will become turned on if you whisper some off-color suggestions to them. Tell
your man what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you in graphic
detail. Experiment and find out which of these are effective on your man, then employ
them at strategic moments to capture his heart, and all organs south of there. Men’s
brains share the same area for sexual pleasures and visual stimulation (which is why
Viagra makes some men “see blue” as a side effect).

That means if you use words that create visual pictures, you’ll be more likely to arouse
him. The fastest way to a man’s heart isn’t through his favorite organ, but rather through
his second most important organ, his head. And you can reach that by whispering a
suggestive picture of what you’d like to be doing with him.

Words aren’t the only verbal skills you can employ to snare a man’s attention. Using
sounds instead of talk can work (and what man doesn’t become aroused at a tape
recorded sound of a woman reaching a climax and moaning “yes, yes, yes!”) Start by
exaggerating the sounds that you already make like moaning, panting and growling.
These can all be signs that you’re having a great time between the sheets (or can be
employed as a “turn on” tape you record and place in your man’s car for him to hear on
the way home from work).

Give Him a Sensual Massage

This is one of the most precious, memorable and erotic gifts you can give your man. All
it takes is a little time, creativity and for you to get into a sexpot mood. The difference
between a standard massage and a sexual massage is, of course, that the purpose of a
sexual massage is to arouse. Hands on the lower back, fingertips across a bare nipple,
mouth on the curve of a knee, fingernails through your lover’s scalp, hair tickling his lips-
-your entire body should be used to massage and stimulate your lover from head to toe.
So, imagine you’ve got your room set up. And, you’ve paid attention to setting the
mood—including lights and music—remember to keep all the senses in mind. You’ve
also chosen a comfortable location, right? Now, tell him to lie naked on his stomach.
With sensual massage, what the giver wears is important as well. Wear something
sexy, seductive, and alluring. The giver should stimulate her partner with a variety of
strokes. Use your tongue—be creative! Try placing your entire body gently on top of
your lover’s. Move up and down and side to side—move slowly and erotically. Create
sexual anticipation by stimulating several areas at the same time.

Don’t stimulate any one area for too long. But, be sure to come back to the areas that
arouse your partner the most. The giver can and should experiment! But, the receiver
should be encouraged to give lots of feedback. For example, “Mmm, I love when you
massage me with your breasts. Please do that some more.” Or, “Feeling your body rub
up and down mine is really turning me on, but be careful not to put too much weight on
me.” It’s also erotic to talk about the experience afterwards. It will help you perfect your
massage technique, so that you can learn to give your lover the best massage of his
life! Remember to massage for the pleasure of the receiver. Massage is all about
giving the most pleasure to your partner that you possibly can. It is a wonderful way to
express your self non-verbally.

Mutual Masturbation

While you’re talking erotically to each other and fanning the flame, one-at-a-time, or
together, begin to masturbate so your partner can see how you give yourself pleasure.
Perhaps the idea of doing this gives you displeasure. I understand, and I will share
some extra details for those of you who might be uncomfortable masturbating in front of
their lover, or who might have reservations regarding masturbation at all, since
masturbation has had a bad rap.

There are few examples of human sexuality that crystallize the hysteria and change in
general sexual attitudes as the subject of masturbation. Perhaps because it was
perceived as being the initial mechanism for sexual gratification, it drew outlandishly
morbid attention, and produced centuries of unnecessary misery and anxiety in adults
as well as children, especially where anti-masturbatory teachings have been imposed.
Masturbating is not only normal, it is perfectly normal. So roll up your sleeves and get
used to the idea of masturbating, and even masturbating in front of your lover. It’s okay.
It’s more than okay. It is wholesome and can be an educational way to both turn you
and your lover on.

He may be as uncomfortable as you are at first, maybe more so. So take time with this.
Discuss it, and then move toward short sessions that end with your usual sexual
activities. Little by little you can extend the periods of mutual masturbation and in the
process really let your lover know about your sexuality by touching and caressing
yourself and thereby demonstrating what works to turn you on and satisfy you.

Likewise, masturbating can be an important way for you to discover what really works to
help you reach a climax, what turns you on, and what doesn’t work. Take some time to
explore your body. If you don’t know what pleases you, then how can you communicate
your desires to your partner? If you don’t love your body, then your partner will not be
able to love your body either.

Masturbation, without guilt, offers a way to become relaxed and comfortable with your
own body. It offers a way to gain better self-esteem, give better communication with
your lover, and a path toward greater sexual satisfaction.


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