How To Improve A Woman’s Chances Of Orgasm During Penetration

The female orgasm during penetrative sex is elusive for many, and nothing but a folk tale for others.

Sex Therapist Al Cooper states in Understanding the Female Orgasm that up to 75% of women cannot orgasm with regular penetrative sex alone. And sexologist Robert Birch has reported that 10 – 15 % of American women have never even experienced an orgasm, via penetration or otherwise!

This makes bringing a woman to orgasm a very tough job for guys!

For men, having an orgasm is easy. Simple, straightforward stimulation to the penis, and the VAST majority of guys are “off to the races” in just a few minutes.

Women require much more to have an orgasm… they require:

  • Clitoral stimulation

  • Comfort / completely at ease

  • Strong mental arousal

  • Stimulation of other erogenous zones in many cases

When everything combines correctly, a woman can have an orgasm. (Note: g-spot orgasms and cul-de-sac orgasms, are possible, but for sake of ease, I’ll just focusing on clitoral orgasms).

And with the way we were built as humans, both male and female, we don’t “match up” very well anatomically during sex, in order for a woman to have an orgasm. Many women have some distance between their clitoris and vaginal opening, so regular penetrative sex just doesn’t provide direct enough stimulation for them to get off.

And watching porn doesn’t make men any wiser, or more educated as to giving a woman an orgasm… a guy “banging” away at a woman, slapping at random parts.

So How Should We Penetrate To Give a Woman an Orgasm?

The clitoris is most important when it comes to a woman’s orgasm, so pressure must be put on the clitoris.

There are a few methods to accomplish this during regular intercourse.

The “Rough Rub”

This is the way to penetrate that I have experienced the most success with.

Ever see how a woman gets herself off when she’s on top? Rather than an in-and-out banging, it’s a rough, swift, back-and- forth rubbing of her clit on your pelvis… your penis is almost just an afterthought on the inside. And notice how she doesn’t even separate herself from your body.

Now try and replicate this motion when you are on top.

Rub your pelvis ROUGHLY and VERY QUICKLY into her clitoris (after you’ve eased into it, of course…). Don’t let the pressure up, and make sure you are doing as long of a rub as possible… not a short range. Speed, pressure and friction is important here.

When taking breaks, try a forceful push into the clit for a few seconds (another penetrative technique on its own)…

Throw in some extracurricular stimulation (playing with her erogenous zones), dirty talk (or sweet talk, if she prefers), and the VAST majority of women will be having an orgasm in no time.

The Coital Alignment Technique

With the Coital Alignment Technique, rather than penetrating in an in-and-out fashion, you penetrate in more of an up-and-down fashion, with the base or top of your penis (your least sensitive part) rubbing against her clitoris (her most sensitive part).

While my success with this technique has been a bit off and on, it does serve as a nice change up when performing the other techniques, and you never know… it may work perfectly for both you and her.

The Hot and Ready

Warming up a woman’s clitoris before penetration is your best bet, regardless of what technique you will be going for.

Oral or manual stimulation to her clitoris will make your job much quicker / easier when actual sexual intercourse begins.

Even the good old fashion “banging” form of penetration can work if you get the clitoris aroused enough before beginning.

Hopefully together we will be making bedrooms all over the world much happier places.


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