How to Please a Man — Become His Mistress

how to please a man

How to Please a Man?

How to please a man, that is the question.

When you have been in a relationship for a long time, or are married, things can become rather boring, you get into the same routines, and the sizzle can slowly burn out of a relationship.

Your forget how to flirt, how to seduce and how to please your man. Or, maybe your not feeling motivated as the seduction seems one-sided and is not reciprocated. Or you are too tired, too busy, to too whatever to make any effort, when you will only be rebuffed.

But it is integral to the health of your relationship to keep those home fires burning, so-to-speak.

If you are a woman in one of these relationships and your man has become less interested in you sexually, you may be wondering: How to Please a Man? Sexually. In the Bedroom!

Madonna/Whore Complex

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The Madonna–whore complex is when a man is unable to see his wife–who he identifies with as the Madonna (good, chaste and pure)–as a sexually desirable woman, and therefore has trouble maintaining sexual arousal for her. In order to get turned on, he desires the Whore (bad, promiscuous, seductive).

In other words, he wants a woman who is both Wife and Mother, and Lover and Mistress. But how can you turn on your Mistress, when he sees you only as the Wife/Mother?

Here are seven ways that you can turn this demanding fantasy into a reality and keep your relationship fulfilling for both of you.

As with all of these steps, sexiness comes from within:

1. How to Please a Man — Dress for Seduction

how to please a man

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Just knowing that your man is more physically aroused should give you plenty of tools to turn him on. You can become his fantasy woman by surprising him at the door wearing a sexy short skirt or dress so that he can fantasize about what kind of panties you may have on, if any.

Be sure to compliment your outfit with a pair of high-heels to enhance his sense of sight and further eroticize his imagination. Alternatively, you can wear a sexy little apron with nothing underneath when serving him dinner or breakfast in bed.

Getting dressed up is also a great way for a woman to get into a juicy frame of mind after a rough day at work or exhausting time with the children. Take time to seduce yourself first by pampering yourself with a Goddess Bath, you feel sexy and feel confident.

Your baggy t-shirt and sweatpants are just not going to cut it in this instance. Put on something you feel sexy in and dress for seduction. This is your first step on how to please a man.

2. How to Please a Man — Flirt With Him

how to seduce a man

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Start by giving him a physical compliment daily and touch him when he least expects it. Just before he leaves for work, squeeze his butt playfully or give him a heart-to-heart hug as soon as he comes home. Let him know physically that he turns you on.

When you are not touching, give him that look that’s let’s him know you want him, now. Do it at the grocery store when you are shopping, at a dinner party with friends, while doing mundane chores together. See how long it takes him to respond and get you between the sheets!

Smile and lock eyes often to release all of those feel-good endorphins that will make you both feel the pleasure of being in each others presence. Flirting is the bedrock of romance and it will keep the chemistry in your long-term relationship as long as you make it part of your daily ritual in and out of the bedroom.

3. How to Please a Man — Make Dates Spontaneous

couple date night

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If you want to learn, how to please a man, then makes sure to have date nights. Take him out for a seductive date for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime you can spend quality time together. Make it memorable by recreating some of the dates you went on before you got married.

Sometimes it takes some planning to make the best spontaneous dates work, so prepare a picnic and surprise him by taking him to the beach or a park for a romantic rendezvous.  Commit to taking trips together, even if they are quickie getaways as it can be the glue that takes the relationship to a higher level of intimacy.

4. How to Please a Man — Be Adventurous

couple dancing

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Make the first move to seduce your man by pushing him up against a wall and making out or pushing him down on the bed, straddling and kissing him passionately. Try doing something new together so that you get out of your comfort zone and learn new exciting skills such as playful bdsm by reading the book, 50 Shades of Grey to each other.

Go to a Tantric Sex or Kundalini Yoga class together and discover the benefits of spiritual sexuality. Learn to Tango together and create sexual anticipation on the dance floor. Or cook an aphrodisiac menu of love foods together and finger feed each other delicious treats.

5. How to Please a Man — Don’t Ambush Him with Complaints.

How to Please him

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Men want their wives to be happy, so the last thing they want to hear about after work is complaints about all the things that went wrong in your home.

Greet him with affection, give him some space and let him feel like a King in his domain before you state your list of complaints. If he can’t fix the problem, it will just make him feel helpless and even emasculating, so focus on communicating the positive things that happened in your day and ask him to share his best moments from his day.

Don’t keep pent up problems to yourself either, but do share them with friends, family and your husband when the time is right so that they don’t feel like they were ambushed. Be sure to make time for your girlfriends because your guy cannot give you the same emotional connection and he probably doesn’t want to hear about your shopping spree or even your best friend’s new baby.

6. How to Please a Man — Play into His Fantasies

men's fantasies

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Sharing fantasies has a way of increasing intimacy and it can add creativity to your sex routine. By sharing with someone you trust you can let go of the guilt and shame surrounding your fantasies. And you’re cuing your partner into what is most pleasing to you.

Sexual fantasies for men are generally more sexually explicit than women’s. More physically arousing, about objects of desire, more likely to specify sexual acts, more visual in content and more likely to contain details about physical appearance. Encourage him to share his wildest fantasies with you, but do not be judgmental. Talk about which fantasies you both want to turn into reality and which ones should remain as fantasies.

7. How to Please a Man — Ignite Your Passion; Fuel His Fire.

please a man
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When you please yourself, you automatically please your partner because he does not want to work at giving you pleasure and quite frankly it’s not his job anyway. So, identify what gives you the most pleasure by tapping into your five senses. Then take the time to look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you look. You get extra bonus points if you can do this naked.

Now you are ready to make passionate love to yourself and treat yourself as if you are madly in love with yourself.

Masturbation is the epitome of self-love and exploration of what makes you feel best. It can help you to explore your sexual fantasies, is a precious gift of self-acceptance and key to living a healthy sexual life.

Bonus Points: Let your partner watch and it will send him over the moon!


These are just a few of the ways that you can learn how to please a man.

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