How to Have Great Sex As You Age

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Aging can take a toll on your mind and body, so it can also affect how you perform in bed. A study from the AARP found that sexual intimacy continues into your senior years. While people reaching that period in their life will begin to show signs of deterioration, that wouldn’t stop them from having great sex.  If you have been with your partner for a long time and you are looking to spice things up, keep these tips in mind for keeping the romance alive.

  1. Have intimate conversations

Romance isn’t just about physical sex. It’s also an emotional exchange in which both you and your partner understand each other’s need for intimacy. Don’t just talk about how your day went. Share your thoughts and your inner desires. Compliment or flirt with your partner and let them know that they are just as good-looking as the first time you met.

Aside from the good things, you can also talk about your problems and concerns. From there, you can find a way to work together in solving them. Doing so helps build intimacy and helps you discover a part of their personality you are not even aware of. You can take your daily conversations to another level. If you have plans to have sex, you can share your fantasies and arouse each other with dirty talk. This allows you to build excitement throughout the day and enhance the experience.

  1. Get a regular check-up

When it comes to improving your performance in bed, you must visit your doctor regularly. As you age, your testosterone levels rapidly decrease resulting in difficulty to hold an erection and experience pleasure. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can also be the result of the blood pressure medication you are taking, such as loop-diuretics and beta-blockers. 

For this reason, it’s important to visit your doctor regularly and ask if there is any treatment for inducing sexual arousal and helping you last longer in bed. Chances are, your doctor will prescribe ED medication such as Cialis. You might be asking yourself “What is it?” and “Will it lead to any side effects?” In that case, tell your doctor about what you are experiencing every time you lie down with your partner. Your doctor could recommend a safer option or they could find out what else is wrong. You will only know if you follow through with your appointments.

  1. Improve your foreplay

Before having sex, you will need to arouse your partner in any way possible. The best way to do that is through light touching and kissing. However, seniors find it challenging to get aroused, so they may need more time for foreplay. This shouldn’t be limited to physical contact. Foreplay can also come in different forms, such as doing a relaxing hobby or taking a swim. Try to look for new ways to build arousal. 

  1. Use the right toys

At your age, you might be thinking that you’re too old to use sex toys for stimulation. However, these tools can help add variety and amplify the experience. Apart from dildos, vibrators, and ball gags, you can also use sex aids that support your body and prevent injury. Look towards an inflatable sofa bed and a pillow wage that is designed to keep your body in a more relaxed position. 

No matter what sex toy you order from a store or online, purchase a proper lubricant. Your choice will depend on the material of the sex toy or condom you are using. If you’re picking silicone lubricant, don’t use it to coat silicone toys. Hybrid lubes are also great for sensitive vaginas or if there is a lack of wetness. Made of both water and silicone substances, these lubes can stay longer.

  1. Be bold enough to try new things

Sex is all about exploration. It can get boring if you use the same positions and activities, so try going out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new ways of achieving a climax. 

You can try BDSM and roleplaying while wearing costumes. You can also choose other areas around the house where you can have sex. You can also have surprise sex with your partner if you catch them in the middle of housework.

There are lots of ideas you can try out, so don’t let them settle in your head for too long. Share them with your partner or, better yet, surprise them with something that’s out of the ordinary.

If you think you have already experienced the best sex in your youth, your senior years will top that! Keep these tips in mind and overcome your love-making limits. 



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