Build Up Your Stamina: Exercise for Better Orgasms

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We use muscles when we have sex that we typically don’t use in our day to day lives. If you tend to be huffing and puffing during play (not sexy!), you may want to consider preparing your body for better sex by building stamina. Stamina is necessary for good sex to happen, and bring you through to orgasm.

Often, I am asked about ways to increase stamina that does not involve medicine and folks are surprised when I simply recommend exercise.Yes, exercise is the best way to increase stamina and not some magical pill.

How Does Stamina Help With Sex?

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Stamina helps in maintaining positions, rhythm, and endurance. This requires some resistance and interval training. While core power is needed because thrusting comes from the abs and low back,and strong abs allow you to control your belly, building up your upper body strength is also key. Some positions require you to balance your weight safely and over longer periods of time. Flexibility comes into play as well. Take the time to stretch your muscles regularly to be able to move into various positions with ease.

There are many exercises that you can do to build stamina. You must be consistent with them and you should make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly to receive the full benefit. Always check with your doctor before you start any workout regimen.

Stamina Exercises: Warm Up First!

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Start with a warm up before you get into the meat of a session. A few warm-up exercises include stretching, jumping jacks, side-to-side lunges and moving the lower back.

A great engagement of the entire body is sandbag lunges. Hold the sandbag against your chest with your arms curled around it from the underside. Take one large step. Lower your body into the lunge until the forward leg reaches a 90-degree angle bend. Your back knee should only just hover from the floor. You should feel this stretch. Hold for 30 seconds.


Of course, as I am always saying, Kegels are very important when it comes to sex play. They strengthen the pelvic floor and engages your core. You should work you way up to holding a Kegel for up to 15 seconds each time.


For a warmup or an exercise, you can do the inch worm exercise. With this you are standing, you bend at the waist and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Start to walk forward on your hands keeping your feet still. Walk out as far as you can, hold the position for seconds and then walk back to the bending position. This exercise includes your arms, shoulder, and core.

Couples Workout

Make your workout sexy and erotic with your partner(s). Perform exercises together, using each other’s bodies to complete exercises. You may have seen a video by now of sex workouts that are very, very erotic. These sessions bring individuals closer together as multiple senses are be tantalized.

Here are a few exercises that will get your motors running:

Single Leg Lunge

An exercise in which you will be holding your hands crossed and lunging toward each other one at a time is called a single leg lunge. These lunges work your quads, calves, thighs, and butt muscles.

Assisted Ham String Curls

Assisted ham string curls stimulate your large muscles behind the thighs is the lying hamstring curl. You will be sitting on your mates’ hips and lifting their legs up, while they are pushing it down.

Lying Leg Abduction

A lying leg abduction is when one party is lying on the floor with their arms out and the other is kneeling between their legs and stretching the legs apart. This strengthens the inner thigh muscles and the abductors.

Alternate Leg Abduction

An alternate leg abduction is to have one party lie on their side and lift their leg as the partner tries to push the leg back down. This works the outer thigh.

Leg Lifts

Someone lies on the floor with their head between the other’s legs as they are standing. You pull your legs up to their outstretched hands and then lets the leg back down.

The Wheelbarrow

Get in the wheelbarrow position and do a push up as your partner holds your legs at 30-45 degrees.

Couple’s Sit-ups

Have your partner lie on their back and push you away from them and pull them back down in a sit-up. Lie on their back and lay on top of them, lock hands and push down and up. They can also push you away as far as can be safely sustained.

Stamina is Sexy!

Making your workouts sexy will keep you engaged in doing them. Stamina is needed during sexual play, there is no real way around it. Sex works better when you move around and can last long.

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