Benefits of Kissing

The Kissing Cure


I’m Erika Jordan certified life coach and NLP practitioner. An Oxford University study found that kissing helps us to find and keep the right partner. Yeah kissing is fun. But also kissing might be something we do for answers and to improve our relationship! According to research, kissing allows us to subconsciously assess a potential partner by picking up on “biological compatibility cues.” Kissing was found to be useful for finding a person you want a relationship with long-term. Couples who make it a point to kiss a lot were also found to have higher levels of oxytocin. And had higher levels of relationship satisfaction than couples who don’t kiss a lot. When couples have higher levels of oxytocin between them, they were also found to finish each other’s sentences and touch more. In short, they were very in sync.


That amazing connection you experience in the beginning doesn’t last. This passionate love eventually transitions to the second phase of love, which is attachment love. As you get to know each other better, You lose that “untamed love feeling” because your body shifts from releasing dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin to vasopressin and oxytocin. “These are believed to play roles in bonding parent to child through breastfeeding, cuddling and kissing. They’re so essential to bonding and creating a lasting relationship that when you suppress vasopressin in animal experiments, parents will abandon their young.” Research has also found that oxytocin helps men in particular stay monogamous. So even with all the options out there, these bonding hormones make it so you stay faithful to just one person. So yeah.. the shift from exciting new love to tried and true is less exciting but necessary to keep you together. 


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