What’s Sexy About Easter?

By Dr. Ava Cadell

Did you ever wonder why Hugh Hefner chose the sexy bunny for his Playboy empire logo?

It wasn’t because he was fond of Easter or chocolate eggs, but it was allegedly because he thought a sexy girl resembled a bunny’s attributes of being playful, curious, shy, and loveable, not to mention the bunny’s reputation for bonking and fertility.

For some people, Easter means time off work, so it’s the perfect time for couples to make intimacy a priority.  How about dressing up in your sexiest bunny outfit and doing a striptease for your lover? If you’re not a fan of bunny outfits, then slowly undress each other while making out for extended foreplay. There are lots of creative Easter games, such as the Easter Egg Hunt, but for adults, you can divide plastic eggs in half and place erotic notes with clues inside for your lover. Be sure to give your lover a climactic prize at the end of the treasure hunt.

An alternative to this game is to fill the plastic eggs with Love Coupons, such as French Kissing or Sensual Massage, so that your lover can redeem them.

The Egg Rolling game can be fun by rolling an egg from your lovers’ neck down to their loins to the finish line using only your mouth. If you love chocolate, share a chocolate Bunny with its head in your mouth and its butt in your lover’s mouth as you both nibble your way to meet in the middle with a chocolatey kiss. Give yourself or your lover a sexy Easter basket filled with naughty sex toys like the Satisfyer Men Vibration Sleeve or Rechargeable Vibrating Egg  If you’re looking for a sexy Rabbit vibrator, check out the Jack Rabbit or Premium Jack Rabbit Silicone Thrusting.

The egg is an ancient symbol of new life, so if you’re trying to get pregnant, eggs are among the most effective foods for promoting fertility, especially in the yolks. They are filled with fertility boosting protein and vitamins B12 and E as well as Omega-3 fatty acids that may give you the extra edge to conceive. So, you can mold some hard-boiled eggs into hearts and serve them to your lover for an Easter breakfast.

Eggs were also used to predict the sex of a baby by observing the rotation of the egg suspended by a string over a woman’s pregnant tummy, sort of like an egg pendulum, spinning to the right symbolizing a boy and left a girl. Another easier method is to crack a raw egg on the mother’s stomach and if the egg slides to the right she is going to have a boy, and if it slides to the left, a girl. Let us know if this works!

Whatever you do for Easter with your lover, this is an opportunity to make it a memorable one!


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