Myths about Penis Enlargement Devices and Quick Extender Pro

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Penis Enlargement Devices: Extenders Vs Stretcher Vs Pumps

Finding a way to improve yourself is normal even if it means being too adventurous. Thus, doing some research and educating yourself is very important when it is about increasing your penis size. When a male enhancement solution is a concern, this usually involves how the entire human body works too. This is due to the physical changes that can happen during the process and the number of benefits involved.

The subject of penis enlargement can be a little vague because it is not often discussed openly. As a result, there are a variety of products now in the market that many people tend to misunderstand. Some of the most common terms that are misunderstood in this area include penis extenders, stretchers, and penis pumps. Some reviewers use these terms interchangeably as if they all mean the same thing.

What they don’t know is that most readers are new to this field so these terms can be confusing. Thus, we are here to shed a light on this area and help customers spend their money wisely.

Penis Extenders and Pumps

We noticed some websites that are focused only on penis enlargement topics but writers use the terms “penis extenders” and “penis pumps” as if they are all the same. Thus, many readers become confused regarding the exact enlargement devices to use for the process of penis enlargement. These websites assume that all visitors already have background knowledge about penile enlargement devices, which is usually not the case.

The term “male enhancement device” is used to cover a huge area in the market. This term covers a wide range of products including those created for people who have various kinds of fetishes. However, a penis extenders like the Quick Extender Pro, is not considered a penis pump device. Read on to find out why.

Penis Extenders

Many articles that explain about penis extenders refer to enlargement devices. One of the most popular penis extenders in the market today is the Quick Extender Pro. The Quick Extender Pro was professionally designed and developed by a company that manufactures penis enhancement and curvature corrective devices. You can read a detailed review of this extender here. The Quick Extender Pro is designed to maximize the enlargement gains you can achieve after a few months of regular use. Moreover, it is a clinically proven penis traction device that has a revolutionary design to stimulate natural gains. Thus, the Quick Extender Pro is one of the top choices when it comes to safe, effective, and safe penis enlargement results.

But contrary to other solutions, this device can’t instantly make your penis bigger or longer. Wearing it for only a few hours each week, will not magically add a few inches to your penis. It takes an initial period of 6 months with consistent usage to maximize its benefits. However, there are other penis extenders that offer artificial penis enlargement results, such as penis sleeves that fit over your penis like a sock. These penis extenders can add girth and length to your penis like a prosthetic device.

To improve stimulation while wearing penis sleeves, manufacturers use thin layers of material. Thus, you can still enjoy sexual intercourse despite wearing an artificial penis extender. Experimenting on different devices like penis extenders may also help prevent premature ejaculation.

Why Use a Penis Extender?

Penis stretching devices have been in the market for years. But, it was only recently that manufacturers were able to come up with advanced technology to materialize a better solution. The Quick Extender Pro is designed as a penis traction device that doesn’t involve any surgical treatment or medication.

It was field-tested and proven as an effective device to achieve tremendous gains that cover the length and girth. As a second-generation advanced penis stretcher, it is also calibrated to apply a precise amount of tension. Finally, it promotes proportion gains in length and circumference.

Penis Stretchers

Penis stretchers are penis enlargement devices that have a traction style component that are exclusively designed to stretch your penis. These devices apply gentle but firm and consistent pressure to the penis regularly to stretch the penis, thus increasing its size and make it bigger.

Penis Pumps

Just like penis extenders, penis pumps are also commonly used in the penile enlargement industry. In contrast to penis extenders, penis pumps can stimulate temporary penis growth only. Penis pumps (also referred to as vacuum pumps) are designed to use pressure and suction which enlarges the penis by pumping blood into it when you get a hard-on. Afterwards, the blood drains from the penis, so any enlargement would also go away. Thus, penis pumps can also help increase your girth as well as length temporarily. Even though these devices don’t provide permanent penis enlargement results, some men still find it handy as a commitment-free device.

More About the Quick Extender Pro


There you have it! There are instances when penis extenders and penis stretchers can be used interchangeably. However, take note that these terms also have other meanings and uses in other fields. Penis pumps also fall under a different category since it has a vacuum or suction power that gives temporary results. Meanwhile, penis stretchers like the Quick Extender Pro give a more permanent result.



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