10 Reasons Why Sex Ed Will Give You Better Orgasms!

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Studies Say, We Are All Having Bad Sex!

In the US, as well as most other countries, sexual education is not taught in schools. Most of us enter adulthood with very little real knowledge about pleasure, erogenous zones, how to be a great lover or achieve mind-blowing orgasms. We may learn basic sexual anatomy, or a bit about abstinence, reproductive sex and how not to get STDs, but this information is very clinical, sterile and biological, rather than orientated to pleasure. And, then there is porn, which gives us a distorted view about sex and sexual relationships, with exaggerated performances and often extreme types of sexual activities that we can’t relate to in our real lives.

It is no wonder that up to 70% of men grow up having erection issues at some point in their adult lives, and approximately 80% of women don’t orgasm during sex with their partners.

That’s a huge number of adults who are having bad sex! YIKES!

And, unfortunately, having good sex is not something we just innately know. We all have the urge to have great sex, but just like anything else, having great sex is a skill that has to be learned.

Kind of like riding a bike. You get better at it with increased knowledge and practice.

The Digital Sex Education Revolution

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all learned about our sexual bodies, how to pleasure ourselves and our partners, and how to have amazing orgasms?

With the dawn of the internet, we are lucky enough to live in an information era where obtaining sex-positive, wellness-orientated, pleasure-based education is only a click away.


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Just enter your sexual topic or question in Google and you’ll get a bazillion websites who claim to have the best answer. Unfortunately, ANY poser can claim to be a sexpert or sexual educator, just because they have a penis or a vagina!

Got a vagina? Yep! I’m a sexpert.

So, how do you go about finding reputable, science and fact-based sex education for adults, by REAL sex educators?

Thankfully, there are numerous authority websites (like Sexpert.com!) where you can find real science-backed sexual education for adults, written by authentic sex educators, sexperts and sex coaches. There are also lots of online courses in various sexual pleasure topics from orgasms and erogenous zones to BDSM and alternative lifestyles like how to be a hot wife created by sexuality experts where you can get the real stuff.

But, why would you even want to?

Sexual knowledge is power, which leads to sexual empowerment. Plus, getting sexually educated will help you learn how to have better orgasms!

YES! And, we all want to have better orgasms, right?! (Let’s just say its a whole lot better than continuing to have BAD SEX!)

Absolutely! So, read on to find out “10 Reasons Why Sex Ed Will Give You Better Orgasms!”

10 Benefits of Adult Sex Education That Leads to Better Orgasms!

So, here are our 10 reasons why sex education for adults will give you better orgasms and make you a better lover!

  1. Learning about your own sexual anatomy and erogenous zones gives us the information we need to experiment with pleasure. This broadens our pleasure potential, so we are able to self-pleasure better as well as tell our partners how to pleasure us in the bedroom. This of course leads to better sex and happier, more fulfilling relationships. Yippee! Give me some!
  2. Learning about the erogenous zones of others, as well as sexual pleasuring techniques, and how to give and receive pleasure, makes us better lovers. This too leads to a more fulfilling sex life and more satisfied relationships. Having better relationships leads to a lower divorce rate and more loving and intimate partnerships. Awesome, count me in!
  3. When we are happier in the sac, that happiness is spread to all other areas of our lives, so we can enjoy a more rewarding life. Okay, I’m ready for this!
  4. Learning about sex in a positive way—one that shows us how sex is a natural, beautiful, part of being human—releases us from generations of shame and guilt, as well as jaded beliefs that sex is somehow sinful or evil. This allows us to claim our sexual sovereignty and right to pleasure. After all, why would we be born with the ability to achieve pleasure if we were not supposed to experience it? Or to experience it, only to be shamed for enjoying it? Animals enjoy sexual pleasure and don’t feel shame because of it. Sexual shame is something that has been handed down to us for over 2000 years, like a sexual wound. Sex-positive education heals that sexual wound so we can expand our pleasure horizons. Heal me please!
  5. Learning about sex and sexual pleasuring makes us sexier in the bedroom. This gives us greater confidence which impacts how we relate to others in the world around us. Knowledge is power and empowering. I’m too sexy…
  6. Sex education can teach us more about spirituality and our connection to universal sexual energy. Through ancient Taoist techniques, we can learn to generate and harness that energy, as well as use it as a source of vitality and creative, manifesting power. Manifest this, baby!
  7. Sex wellness education teaches us that sex is actually good for us and that it has numerous health benefits that helps us live more vigorous lives. What? Sex is Healthy?
  8. Sex ed can also teach us how to connect on a deeper, more intimate level with our partners, through mindful sex and modalities like Tantra. Mmmm… That sounds yummy!
  9. When sex gets dull, and our sexual romps in the bedroom begin to lose momentum, having an arsenal of sexual ideas in our sexual tool box helps us spice up the relationship to keep things hot, novel and exciting. Oh, ya baby!
  10. Finally… Orgasms! Yes, we can learn to have better orgasms: more mind-blowing, body-quaking, full-body orgasms! Orgasms that can be felt in different areas of our body; energy orgasms that can lead to enlightenment; Gspot orgasms that allow us to squirt with pleasure; Pspot orgasms that allow us to orgasm without ejaculation; breast and nipplegasms that expand pleasure through our heart center; cervical orgasms that can become expanded and transcendent; continuous, multiple and combination orgasms. All kinds of orgasms! Sex education (for all the above reasons) leads to better orgasms and pleasure! OMG I need this, like YESTERDAY!

Sex Education is Awesome!

We think that sex education is awesome. 😉 It empowers and enriches every aspect of our lives in so many ways. That’s why we are so passionate about teaching adults about sexual wellness and pleasure, because we believe that through sex, we can change the world into a more loving and happier place.

That has been Dr. Ava Cadell’s life mission and for over 30 years she has been teaching adults about sex in her online university, LoveUniv.com, to help empower people to overcome sexual guilt and shame so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy, sexual relationships.

Online Sex Education Courses for Adults

At Loveology University (LoveUniv.com), Dr. Ava teaches a variety of sexual pleasure and wellness courses on everything from: oral pleasure and anal sex; sexual anatomy and erogenous zones; intimate communication and body language; consent and safer sex; sexual healing; how to flirt or become a better kisser, and lover; dating and loving relationships; self-pleasure and all about adult toys; erotic talk; all about orgasms; erotic empowerment for people with disabilities; how to have greater intimacy; fun with sexual positions; Tantra secrets and erotic massage; fantasies and role playing; BDSM and polyamory lifestyles; fetishes, boundaries and taboos; as well as GLBTQ+ sexual identities, gender, sex and pleasure.

That’s a heck-a-lotta sex ed!

These courses are perfect for individuals and couples who want to become better lovers and have more intimate, loving relationships and each course can be taken individually, or purchased in bundles for extra savings. This comprehensive training is also excellent for people who want to get into sex and relationship coaching, and earn certificates as a Love Coach, Sex Coach or Relationship Coach.

The most extensive course in Loveology includes over 40 keynote courses with videos, audios and downloadable PDFs, on everything you need to know about love, romance, relationships, intimacy and sexuality. It has 114 continuing education credits towards an AASECT membership and is backed by The American College of Sexologists.

Plus, you can learn everything online, in the comfort of your own home, and take as long as you like to finish the courses in the self-paced online learning portal. In addition, LoveUniv.com updates their course content on a regular basis so all the courses have accurate, science-based, fresh current information. Dr. Ava also invites many of her colleagues who are experts in various niches as bonus teachings, making the courses both engaging and enriching.

So… Do You Want More Pleasure and Better Orgasms?

Of course you do! (I thought you might say that!)

Then go on and get sex educated from one of the top schools of sex online and experience more pleasure, ecstatic orgasms and become a better lover while you are at it.

Your partner will thank us and so will you!

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Enjoy better sex, powerful orgasms and deep discounts for maximum pleasure!

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