Yoni Massage: What is it and How to do it?

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What is Yoni Massage?

A yoni massage, is a Neo-Tantric therapeutic, healing practise for vulva owners. Its purpose is not orgasm exactly, but to awaken the sexual energy of the vulva (Shakti pussy power!), to heal past trauma and blockages, and to deepen connection to one’s own sexual pleasure potential and self-discovery, as well as deepen intimacy between two lovers.

How Does Yoni Massage Help the Receiver?

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Yoni massage allows the receiver to let go and open more to pleasure. It is a way for them to learn more about their sexual anatomy and potential, and how to build pleasure slowly to orgasm. It can result in more pleasure, as well as multiple full-body orgasms, although it is not goal orientated, and orgasm if it happens is just a bonus.

Yoni massage can heal the receiver by releasing stored emotions and trauma, on a cellular level, such as shame, using a technique called de-armouring. The vagina stores trauma and emotions, so yoni massage helps to release those blockages that the receiver may experience which holds them back from expressing their sexual authenticity. This awakens pleasure and sensuality and can boost the libido as well.

For some people, yoni massage can be a deeply spiritual experience, for in Tantra, orgasm is considered as a glimpse of enlightenment. That’s what makes yoni massage a practice for deeper soul connection.

How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage

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Genital massage not only aids in sexual stimulation, but it promotes blood flow to the vulva which is beneficial for genital health.  So by taking the time out to relax and give yourself a genital massage, you are doing your body as well as your sexual libido a favour!

Find a quiet room and lock the door so you won’t be interrupted.  Put on music, light candles or incense to get you in the mood.

Lie down in a comfortable position, propping yourself up with pillows beneath your back and letting your legs hang loosely open, or try lying on your stomach to aid in accessing the genitals easier.  Immerse yourself in erotic thoughts or simply concentration on your body’s sensations.  Breathe deeply, for this increases the flow of blood to the genitals and helps you to relax.

Next, use a mirror to explore the beauty of your own vulva, opening the labia lips and finding the clitoris as your massage yourself.  Betty Dodson recommends trimming or shaving beforehand for a heightened sense of awareness, but that is totally up to you.

Your hands should be clean and nails should be trimmed or kept away from soft tissues by using the pads of the fingers.  Begin with a very light touch on the genitals, using one hand for stimulation and the other to hold your labia lips open.  Some women find direct stimulation of the clitoris painful, or ticklish, so slowly increase the amount of pressure only as you become more aroused.  Use a lube, which enhances all sexual activities by making the genitals slick and slippery.

Rest the heel of your hand on the pubis mons, where the pubic hair begins.  You can begin by stimulating the labia lips with your fingers, using light rubbing and tickling techniques.  You can gently grasp the shaft of the clitoris and slide the hood back and forth or gently move the tissue under your finger around in small circles.

Gradually, you can increase the stimulation and may be able to apply pressure to the clit itself by tapping it lightly.  Many women find that the top, right side of their clitoris is more sensitive than other areas.  You can work around the clit in a circular motion as well.  You can try inserting a finger or two into the vagina and using your palm to stimulate the clit. Experiment with different strokes or speeds to see what feels best, building a repetitive rhythm.

More Yoni Massage Techniques

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Here are a few more yoni massage techniques you can experiment with to rev up your arousal and libido.

Womb drumming: where you lightly drum over your womb area, thighs and labia with the palms of your hands to stimulate blood flow.

Pussy Petting:  This technique uses both hands to alternately stroke up the vulva in a slow, rhythmic motion, warming up the tissue to get the blood flowing.

The Squeeze Tease:  This technique involves softly pinching the outer labia together, working up and down the lips.

Outer and Inner Labia Massage: This method involves opening the labia and squeezing along each side of the outer lips.  This is then repeated with the inner labia.

In Closing

The purpose of Yoni Massage is to awaken your libido;to get to know your beautiful pussy in a more intimate and loving manner; to explore your genitals slow and sensually; and to find new ways to stimulate yourself (especially if you rely on a vibrator for masturbation).

We hope you have enjoyed this short guide on how to do yoni massage for an empowered pussy!


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