Woman’s Life Covers Love, Sex & More

My friend and colleague Simin Hashemizadeh (pictured here with me and soap opera star Jackie Zeman) has launched a beautiful new magazine called Woman’s Life, and the inaugural “Hot Summer Issue” features lots of great information and advice about dating, love and sex.

“How To Be Sexy With Class” gives tips on turning heads, “Understanding Men” unpacks the meaning of ‘mixed signals,’ while “13 Dating Tips That Will Transform Your Relationship” teaches you how to cut to the chase or cut your losses! Urologist Dr. James Elist writes a compelling piece about what women can do about premature ejaculation, and other features include topics like bisexuality, gastric surgery and vaginal tightening. Talk about a packed first issue!

And then there’s an article by yours truly, called Brain Sex. There is evidence that sex makes you smarter, and I give Woman’s Life the scoop on secrets I learned from writing Neuroloveology: The Power to Mindful Love & Sex. And by the way, Neuroloveology is now available as an audiobook. . You can win a copy in my contest giveaway at www.Sexpert.com in September.

Simin has also declared 2015 the Year of the Woman, giving space to her favorite most powerful women of all walks of life, like Jodie Foster, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to name a few. Her feature interview is with Veronica Berti, Andrea Bocelli’s wife, who weighs in on the essential priorities in life and how to keep a life balance.

In this first issue, Simin is on the cover and you can read her letter from the editor about how to be a classy woman. There’s also a great fitness article, Hit the Barre, an interview with rapper movie star Romeo, and a feature story on #Twerkumentary, the documentary about -what else? – Twerking!

Stay tuned for future issues of Woman’s LIfe, widely distributed in medical centers, spas and hotels throughout Los Angeles.


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