What is an “analgasm?”: Resources on Anal Sex

In honor of “anal sex month” in August, I thought I’d touch on the subject of “anal play.” Everyone has an anus, but no one talks about them, (except to say things such as “My boss just tore me a new asshole!”)

Many women are afraid to go down the Hershey Highway, because they think it might hurt, or they think it’s embarrassing. But it doesn’t have to be. The butt is full of nerve endings, and “butt play”, which means just hanging around the hole, rubbing it, and using a finger,  is a good way to start. And it doesn’t have to hurt. It’s supposed to feel good; relaxing and arousing.

For those into beginner’s butt play I have one piece of advice: go slow. You don’t want someone shoving a giant, unlubed fist up your ass and have to google “anal prolapse.”

Start with a book, such as Charlie Glickman’s The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners. Or Tristan Taormino’s The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women from Cleis Press. These books will tell you to lube it up, go slow, and start with just rubbing the area in slo-mo, then stimulating the penis or the clitoris, whichever you’re working with. Once the person looks they are really aroused, you can gently penetrate the naughty spot. If you stimulate a woman’s clitoris and anus (again, slowly) at the same time, or a man’s penis and prostate simultaneously, it takes the orgasm up a notch, to a heightened “analgasm.”


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