The Pleasure of the Perineum

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The perineum is a frequently forgotten pleasure spot. We regularly target other areas of the body that are considered erogenous zones, but the perineum isn’t considered a “go to” location. The perineum and perineal massage can be sources of immense pleasure. Practicing specific touch techniques for perineal massage can add measured doses of enjoyment as well as health benefits.

The perineum, also known as the “taint” or “gooch”, is located between the genitals and the anus. On males, the perineum goes from the back of the scrotum to the anus. On females the perineum goes from the back of the opening of the vagina to the anus. The perineum isn’t on the usual list of suspects when it comes to foreplay and massage.  Perineum massage during foreplay, oral sex or intercourse, can provide an additional level of stimulation that may or may not have been experienced by the receiver.

Techniques for perineal massage

The perineum is loaded with nerve endings which makes this an idea spot for stimulation and resulting pleasure. Because of these nerve endings, one must massage or stroke the perineum with care, using a lighter touch until determining the amount of pressure the receiver prefers. For males and females, the perineum can be:

  • Stroked gently with one or two fingers
  • Lightly tickled/tapped with fingertips
  • Massaged with fingers
  • Pressed with the knee or butt of the hand
  • Licked
  • Stimulated with a sextoy e.g., bullet

Perineal massage can occur during foreplay, oral sex or intercourse. In some cases, perineal massage of males during intercourse can lengthen the amount of time he maintains an erection. Using lighter and heavier strokes can enhance an erection or encourage ejaculation. 

Using perineal massage with the fingers or a sextoy on a female or male while performing cunnilingus or fellatio respectively can heighten pleasure and provide multiple points of stimulation. 

Tapping or tickling the perineum provides a heightened level of stimulation when the tapping or tickling is done rhythmically. 

Firmly and steadily applying pressure to the perineum with the knee requires skill and a slow-motion movement to ensure that the knee is properly positioned just on the perineal area.

When performing perineal massage, be aware that this is a delicate area that can be susceptible to becoming raw.  A lubricant should be used.


Perineal massage is beneficial for pregnant women

Perineal massage is also beneficial for women who are about to give birth. Initiating perineal massage in the weeks prior to delivery can help to make the tissues the baby will stretch more pliable during vaginal births. This can prevent bruising and tearing thus, making recovery from giving birth a little easier. 

The perineum attaches to the muscles that support the reproductive organs, bowels, and bladder — the pelvic floor. Damage to the perineum during childbirth can cause issues with the pelvic floor, such as urinary or fecal incontinence, uterine prolapse, or sexual discomfort.

Benefits of perineal massage during pregnancy

  • May increase blood circulation and help the skin to stretch more easily resulting in less pain during childbirth
  • Decrease risk of tearing which can prevent the need for stitches or lower the number of stitches needed

Women should refer to their healthcare providers to discuss perineal massage during labor.  In a recent review of studies by the National Library of Medicine, researchers discovered that women who received massage during the second stage of labor (during and between pushing) had a lower risk of third-and fourth-degree tears.

Some experts suggest beginning massage once or twice a week sometime between weeks 34 and 36 in the pregnancy. Some sources say massage may be repeated every day or every other day in five-minute increments. As with many things in pregnancy, recommendations differ and may be individual.

The pleasures and benefits of perineal massage run the gamut from extending pure pleasure and enjoyable stimulation to providing helpful preventative measures during childbirth. The forgotten and underutilized perineum should be celebrated and stimulated. 









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