The Latest Sex Trends 2020 to Keep Your Love Life Hot!

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Sex Trends In 2020: All The Modern Sex Trends To Keep You’re Love Life Spicy

What sexy new activities are trending for 2020? Glad you asked. Here you go!

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, then you already know the importance of keep it spicy in the bedroom. If you are only doing just two minutes of foreplay and seven minutes of missionary (or doggie style), then you are probably bored to death between sheets!

Whether you are single looking for fun, a couple looking for more intimacy, or anywhere in between, then HookupGuru is here to offer you tips that will help keep your sex life more than just alive!


Photo by Katarzyna Grabowska on Unsplash
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Swinging for couples is one of the biggest trends of late (a long with other consensual non-monogamy practices), which has become popular especially among older couples and millennials alike. When you’ve been in a relationship that long, you end up exhausting all the other ways to keep your sex life kinky! Now remember, with both party’s consent, it’s a fun experience. Without consent, it’s just plain old cheating.

One of the Best New Sex Trends — Sex Outdoors

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While this type of sex is not necessarily new, it is on the rise of becoming a popular new pastime! Having sex in an usual even risky place, away from your bed, gets your adrenaline flowing and your senses high. The thing about the change of location for sex adventures is that it heightens the sensation of pleasure even further.

This experience may occur in any spot your fantasy and brevity allow: in the park, nearby the riverbank or seashore, in the mountains, or even in a dark alley at night if you are super adventurous.

Just be careful not to get caught by someone, especially the police. Unfortunately, they don’t take kindly to sex in public, even if it is just to spice up your sex life.

And, while it’s great to try new sex trends, always remember that your partner’s comfort takes value over everything else. Thus, abandon this idea immediately if either of you feel scared or uneasy about it.

Dipping Tour Toes into New Kinks!

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One of the most recent sex trends in 2020 is to try out various new kinks (Thanks 50 Shades!). Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Roleplay: Who doesn’t love a steamy scenario between a professor with his student who’ll do anything for a better grade? Or maybe you can roleplay picking up your partner from the bar as if you’re strangers meeting for the first time? That one is always a hit!
  2. Light BDSM: All you need to begin is a firm voice, the belt you’re wearing and consent! With more experience, you might want to invest in ropes and knot-tying classes.
  3. Foot fetishes: A lot of people skip appetizers and move straight to the main course. But appetizers are those savory aphrodisiacs that get your taste-buds tinkling in anticipation of what’s to come. So, don’t forget to appreciate every part of your meal. You might just blow your partner’s mind with the things you’ll make him/her feel when you start focusing on this often neglected part. Why do you think foot massages are so popular?
  4. Massages: Speaking of massages, try a full body sensual massage using scented oil to arouse the senses, or even a hands-free body-to-body Nuru massage (get naked!). Light some candles and add sensual music and let your partner relax into the feel of your loving hands massaging their intimate zones. If you do it right, they will be ready for more and melt in your hands.

Sex Toy Trends: Both His and Hers!

One of the biggest new trends in sex is using sex toys for him, her and couples. Sex toys have always been popular among women, but in 2020 people have begun normalizing men’s sex toys as well! After all, if women can have dildos, vibrators, plugs and beads, why shouldn’t men have fleshlights? The best part about sex toys is they’re not only for singles! They can add a whole new realm of pleasure in relationships both live-in and long distance!

The Biggest Trend of All? Consent!

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Whether you’re a single and dating, or a couple in a long-term relationship, consent is vital! 2020 has been extremely vocal about acknowledging the importance of ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Respect boundaries, ask questions, make sure you’re both comfortable with what you’re doing. It especially helps to have safe words, for when you’re exploring new kinks that neither you nor your partner have experience in! No one wants to be called out for being inappropriate for harassment, so always make sure you have your partner’s green light.


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