Tantric Sex Through Sound

Sound is like an inner massage; cells in your body respond to vibrations and release energy. Sound Vibration Heals The Body, Mind, Spirit.

Music and words have power to decrease pain. Laughter helps blood vessels expand in order to increase blood flow.

You can breakthrough inhibitions by releasing sounds and words.Sound releases energy and during lovemaking sounds release sexual energy. If you hold back the sounds you feel inside, it will manifest in resentment, anger and eventually pain. So for your own good health, give yourself permission to express yourself through words and sounds and sigh, cry, shout or laugh when you need to.

When it comes to making love, sounds let your partner know that you are having a great time. Encourage your lover through words of praise, exhale sounds of ecstasy when you feel them and let the sounds of sex express your lovemaking.

Entraining- is when two people make the same sounds at the same time. For example, start by humming with your partner and emulate each other, then make up your own melody and let your partner follow. Feel how much of your body resonates. The deeper the humming, the more vibration your body will feel.


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