The judgement needs to stop

Client requests Part one:

I want to begin this entry with something I always remind new web cam models and myself as well.   It is very important you never tell a potential job offer who is requesting a shoot, custom video or webcam show from you that you have heard every fantasy and you are fine with it, because trust me, we have not heard everything.

Time and time again, a request is presented to me, and I always say, please share details before proceeding with payment, as too many times payment was processed and then the unexpected was asked.   I am saving the one in my head right now for my book series as well, but to this day it still makes me giggle as it was nothing sexual or illegal at all, just different.

Tonight, I had a regular webcam customer come to me with the same request he has every time for the past 2 years.  He is always very specific and descriptive in how he wants his fantasy played out.  It is really nothing to far from the norm and he is always very polite and sweet.  Tonight, at the end of our show we started talking about Thanksgiving and what he did over the weekend.   It was the first time I was able to take a moment and learn something about him which I will address in next weeks entry.

I wanted to use this entry to share one story with you that will forever hold a special place in my heart.  When I first began working 10 years ago as a webcam performer and custom video content creator there were numerous times and still are that I would get a request I either had to go google the definition, or once I found out what they were requesting I was appalled or just confused.

As my career has progressed and my clients have now become my friends, I have been able to dig deeper into some of these fantasies we play out and see what they might have stemmed from.  For those of my readers who are maybe not so familiar with viewing a webcam model or placing an order for a custom video, I will give a short lesson.

We all know that pornography is easily accessible on the Internet.  Now, putting aside all the other reasons the industry is under such scrutiny, often, my friends would ask me, why any man would buy a custom video from me or do a private one on one cam show with me when they can what they want for free just turning on their computer.

The answer I had at that time was, they want something different or unique and they cannot find it online.  Possibly they want their personal name used in the video, or for the model to roleplay a memory that turns them on, and they want to continue to revisit that time in their life

Whatever it may be or for whatever reason, if it is not illegal or against my moral standards then who am I to judge their request, after all, they are the customer.    Every time I get any type of request, I still follow up with the response that, yes, but depending on their request, length of video and payment preference I need the details before agreeing.

Majority of the time, the requests are harmless, and only questionable to me as I am not in their head in that memory.  I will share one example followed by this evening’s experience.

I have a customer who asked if I would be ok wearing an apron no nudity and giving a blowjob to a dildo in the kitchen. No talking, no music, no sound just me, apron, kitchen and dildo.   The aprons were purchased for me, and the payment was completed and upon receiving the aprons in the mail, the custom order was completed and sent to a happy customer.

Now, either you are reading this and thinking to yourself what I was thinking, “this is going to be a very boring 15-minute video with no sound” or maybe you are thinking aprons turn him on.  Or the quiet housewife?  I at the time did not know his reasonings behind this request nor did I pry, as it was not against any of my morals, and if this was what he wanted, well then, I was going to oblige with the best apron dildo sucking custom he had ever laid eyes on.

That client has returned to me for another 10 custom orders since then.   I finally decided to inquire a bit more behind the fantasy if he was willing to share.  What he shared would never have been my guess.  I thought maybe his mother cooked in an apron and he thought it was sexy.  Another premonition I had was he liked a woman in an apron as it took him back to the I love Lucy episodes as a child, I was then told the history behind the roleplay.

He shared with me that he was an only child, raised by his mother.  He never met his biological father, and he often found his mom crying herself to sleep at night and saying his father’s name in her dreams.     His mother rarely left the house only to work, never married again and he knew that his dad had broke her heart.

After leaving high school, he went off to the army and one day surprised his mom by coming home a day early.  He said he expected to see his mom in her same gray recliner with her knitting needles and apple juice by her side and was not prepared for what he was about to witness.

He walked into his childhood house and mom was not in the recliner, but instead was in the kitchen on her knees in her apron performing oral sex on a man, but wait, here is the kicker.  The man was his biological father that he had never met.  This man had walked out on his mother when he was just a baby and had returned after all those years to seek forgiveness and a second chance.

This memory takes him back to seeing his mom happy for the first time in years and meeting his biological father.  He even shares with me, that as awkward of a situation as it was, it ended with all 3 in tears holding each other in the kitchen and just crying.  He went on to share with me that his mom has since passed and his father as well.  This is the only memory he has of his parents together, and therefore his requests is not actually a fetish, kink or fantasy but I chance to revisit those feelings when he entered his childhood home.

So, the next time you judge someone for a “possible” fetish, kink, fantasy or roleplay scenario they have, I ask you to please, think twice because you do not know the whole story and you have not walked in their shoes.

Till next time

Coralyn Jewel

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