Tantric Sex Through Breath

There are six elements to Tantra, beginning with the power of breath. Breath regulates and relaxes the body so that it can heal. Breath can lower blood pressure. Breathing into the area of dysfunction can increase blood circulation. Breath elevates the immune and refreshes the lymphatic system. Breath is the essence of life and there is no better way to energize the body than to increase your intake of oxygen.

Our lungs can hold 6 pints of oxygen, but most people only inhale 2 pints or less. In Tantra the word Prana means energy. Breathing is about energizing your mind, body and soul. Breathing in through the mouth produces an energy charge and breathing out of the mouth releases emotions. When a person cries, they have to breathe through their mouth.

When you are sexually excited your breathing increases so if you want to delay your climax, you must slow down your normal breathing pattern. Breathing in unison with your partner can create a deeper form of unity. Synchronized breathing with your lover gives you the opportunity to connect on a conscious level, a respiratory level and breath to breath level resulting in a harmonious bonding experience.

Here’s a breathing exercise that I want to share with you called the Canon Breath- When you are felling upset, stressed or angry, inhale one long deep breath and then exhale it with force as if it were shooting out of a canon.

Synchronized Breath with your lover is an intimate activity you can do as part of foreplay – Face each other. Hold hands; breathe in and out through the mouth at the same time for 2 minutes.

Breath can add variety to your lovemaking by blowing your cool breath (with pursed lips) up and down your lover’s spine, on the inside of the thighs, along the crack in the buttocks, on wet testicles and on the vulva lips. Alternatively, warm breath (with mouth open) can be deliciously arousing.


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