Secrets Of A Professional Seductress

Insights From A High-End Escort

Amy Taylor is a blue-eyed brunette with a glowing smile, a body fantasies are made of and classic beauty that defies age. She looks like the wife next door – the wife you wished lived next door, if you lived in Beverly Hills. Amy is also a woman of many coveted secrets. Why? Because Ms. Taylor is a professional seductress. Her rates begin at $2,000 for up to 3 hours of time. A weekend with her is priced at $10,000.  Some may call her an escort, while others refer to her as a VIP companion. However you refer to it, she’s got what it takes for men to pay big money for a brief encounter with her. So what makes her able to charge these fees and what advice might she have picked up in her career as a professional dream girl? I had the opportunity to chat with her, and what she revealed could help provide you with insight to help you evaluate your own situation and even possibly save your relationship.

In this interview, Amy shares some of what she’s learned about staying desirable and keeping love alive as an elite entertainer to her select clientele.

VB: What makes a highly desirable woman so desirable?

AT: I think physical beauty is obviously desirable…but confidence, intelligence, kindness, generosity of spirit, and interest in and connection with others are also desirable. People are attracted not only to beautiful women, but women who make the feel attended to, heard, valued and connected.

VB: What secrets do beautiful women have?

AT: Being beautiful is a full-time job; from product knowledge and use, to investment in diet/trainers/surgeons/clothing/makeup/hair and skin products, it’s expensive and time-consuming, no question.  But none of it is “secret;” like most other things, it’s about educating oneself and devoting time and resources to it.  Beauty is somewhat genetic, sure, but most women can become more beautiful if they learn and execute things learned. Which can sometimes be a hassle, I’ll admit…but which does reap rewards of society’s obvious preference for beauty.

VB: Why do clients come to you?

AT: Some tell me they like my brilliance (I hope this is the truth), all of them acknowledge that I have a great body (I do, thanks DNA/diet/trainer/surgeon), they all like that I have integrity (I operate 100% honestly, my ego can’t tolerate being anything less than trustworthy in any area of my life), and I think some like my openness (I have nothing to hide, and am utterly content with my lifestyle…in my opinion, this takes some of the stress away from men who want to enjoy these interactions but are held down by idiotic social stigma of a world which it utterly natural and harmless).

VB: What do your clients complain about most in terms of their intimate lives?

AT: Lack of frequency, enthusiasm, and sadly, youthful looks of their partners…

VB: What do men secretly want in their relationships that they’re not getting?

AT: Attention, flattery, acknowledgment of their efforts, more sex almost always (!), and their partner to spend more effort being fun/sexy/attractive.  Some women seem to forget that what it took to get the guy, is what it takes to keep the guy.  I’m not sure why this happens, and I’m glad it doesn’t always, but it seems sadly rampant.

VB: What are the most popular requests from your clients?

AT: Weekends spent together.

VB: Do your clients have special requests because wives/partners refuse to do certain things?

AT: Yes, I have 2 clients whose wives would rather stay home with children and church, than travel the world with their husbands.  I find this ridiculous, but it’s great for me, as I get to go with him on business and personal trips. I suppose truly, I’m outsourcing for her, servicing a part of her marriage she’d rather not do.  Strange, but not everyone loves travel and dating, I guess…

VB: Do you consider yourself a threat to your clients’ marriages?

AT: Not at all.  I have never wanted to break up any marriage, and none of my clients have ever wanted to leave their wives (for me or anything else).

VB: Do you ever feel sorry for your clients’ partners (girlfriends/wives)?

AT: Yes, when they’re physically sick and that’s what preventing them from fully being the wife their husband needs.  It’s unfair, fate-wise, that a couple in love makes life plans and then sees them somewhat derailed by medical problems.  My clients handle this the best way they can, but it’s a very difficult situation with no perfect solution.

VB: Are most of your clients one-offs or repeats?

AT: Repeats.

VB: What do you feel people find the most difficult to say to their partners that they aren’t afraid to say to you?

AT: That they aren’t physically attracted to them anymore, and while they love them and want to stay partners, that they want to date someone newer, younger and hotter. Biology is brutal.

VB: Have clients taught you anything that you feel you’ve grown personally from?

AT: Sure, so many things. I’ve learned about business, politics, cultures, languages, foods, love, aging, health, and happiness. I’ve been so lucky to see what life is like down the road; it’s made me realize how short and beautiful life is no matter how you choose to live it, and that connection is everything.

VB: What do you believe drives men wild?

AT: Oh heavens, I don’t pretend to know about all men. What I have seen is that they’re unique, and their desires differ as much as that of women. So it’s best to get to know a partner deeply (a life of one-night stands is a sure way to end up craptastic in bed, I promise you) and learn what HE likes.

VB: What’s a good way to talk your partner into being more experimental?

AT: Just ask…most men are totally open to trying new things.  Phrase it as a fun experiment, rather than a suggestion that he’s inadequate (male egos are very fragile since society has never required much of men other than them being men…so flatter him, rather than pointing out that things are boring or insufficient).

VB: Is there anything that women should be doing more for their men?

AT: Paying more attention, being more “girlfriend” and less “roommate” when appropriate and possible.  Trying to stay as physically attractive as possible (difficult in the face of aging, I know), and remaining interesting (have hobbies and interests outside him and the kids, so you aren’t boring). And articulating their sexual needs, instead of simply refusing to have sex with him (it’s your fault he’s rubbish in bed, ladies, if you aren’t teaching him anything and he’s clueless).

VB: Is there anything that you think men should be doing more for their women?

AT: Learning to be better in bed (stop watching porn, that’s not a real female orgasm!), staying physically more appealing to whatever degree possible (your wife wants someone hot as much as you do), paying attention and listening to her (women need to be heard; studies show men talk over us and actually don’t even realize they talk more than we do…).  Share chores and errands, and thank her for the life she has given you (don’t take her for granted).

VB: What could people do to step up their game for the opposite sex?

AT: Remember how you behaved when they weren’t yours.  Don’t take the other person for granted. Don’t assume that someone new will be better, simply because he or she is new. Put more effort into your appearance, your focus on and connection to your partner. Basically, act the way you acted when you knew they could easily choose someone else…because guess what?  They still can, even if they’re yours right now.


What people tend to overlook about the world of gentlemen’s entertainment is that it’s filled with important lessons about love, sex and society. Those on the providing side are gifted with rare insight that most people never learn. As a provider, it becomes easy to pinpoint exactly what “real world” issues people are facing that they hope to fix in the “fantasy world”.  If you’re in a relationship, or if you aren’t but you think you might be one day, the lessons provided to us by entertainers are important to consider, and lessons from women like Amy are critical to remember.



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