Cities With Unintentionally Sexual Names

There are several towns and cities in America and Europe with sexually suggestive names. It looks like they won’t be changing their names anytime soon, despite people making fun of them.


Climax, MN is a tiny town with a big, orgasmic name. There are also Climaxes in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York. We say yay to multiple climaxes, as you can never have enough.


Erect, NC is a small town known for it’s “pottery row”, due to it’s 100 plus pottery studios. This town knows how to “throw down” while keeping it things on the up and up. The town’s sign was stolen so many times that they had to erect a more permanent one.


Intercourse, PA is right in the heart of Amish country in Pennsylvania. The movie Witness with Harrison Ford was filmed there. ” Legend has it that the word “intercourse” was commonly used to describe the “fellowship” and “social interaction”/”social intercourse” of the Amish community and faith. But today tourists flock to the town to take selfies in front of the sign.


The town name originates from a hotel in the early 18th century at the intersection of two Indian trails. The owner hung a blue ball out front from a post and called it “The Sign of the Blue Ball.” Locals soon began calling the town “Blue Ball” after the inn. In 1833, Earl Town officially changed its name to Blue Ball. Since then, blue ball jokes ensue.


The naughtiest town name is Fucking, Austria. This town’s sign is stolen so much that they just keep making them. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Fooking.”

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