Product Review: Aya by Zalo

I received this beautiful, elegant, wearable vibe by ZALO to review, for Honeysx, an adult store that carries High-end adult sex toys.  It is not only beautiful, but also packed with power.  I pulled it out and turned it on and got excited before I even used it.  When I finally used it…let’s just say, I needed a cigarette after, and I don’t even smoke.  I have tried wearable vibes in the past that were not as comfortable as this one but this one met and exceeded my expectations for insertable vibes.

The Aya by Zalo is very sleek, elegant and user friendly. It’s a three-piece vibe that has a panty vibe, a removeable, golden magnet that securely attaches the panty vibe to your panty. And finally, it has a removable shaft vibe that the panty vibe inserts into.  It’s designed to adapt to different kinds of play. The external panty vibrator and magnet are great for divine clitoral and vulva stimulation. The removable shaft vibrator, when it’s inserted into the panty vibe, promotes mind-blowing, explosive g-spot orgasms and teasing, tickling sensations throughout the vibrating shaft.

Let’s talk about the panty vibe. What makes it a favorite for me is its ability to stay where it’s placed.  I can experience every bit of movement it has to offer. Every vagina owner has different favorite “spots” that provide the most enjoyment and this panty vibe can be positioned where you want it; the Aya panty vibe forms itself to your vulva and clitoris. It hugs you where you want to be hugged.

Every time we masturbate or use a vibrator with a partner, the goal may not be to engage in world-class, marathon sessions; we may just be seeking a way to get more aroused. You can create the level of delight you’re seeking. The panty vibe can also provide a level of fun, excitement and increased intimacy when it’s worn out during a night on the town. You can make a game of it! Imagine wearing the panty vibe while your partner uses the remote control, providing you with unexpected little vibrations throughout the night, building your anticipation for the rest of the night’s activities.  The wireless remote control can be used to operate the massager up to 26 feet (roughly 8 meters). In addition, Aya is compatible with the ZALO Remote Pro app that allows users to customize the powerful functions with their fingertips and control Aya from anywhere in the world via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Aya definitely provides the level of stimulation, excitement, or anticipation you’re seeking. 

The removable silicone shaft is a gift to the vagina in that it joins the party of eight vibrations stimulating the clitoris and vulva. You’re hitting every pleasure point, all vibrating in unison! I do recommend using a water-based lubricant with this fantastic vibrator.  The removable shaft on its own is silky to the touch. Applying lubricant to the shaft made it even more satisfying when I inserted it. The vibrations hit the walls and the g-spot around the entire tip of the shaft. As most of us know, vaginal stimulation alone doesn’t provide the intense stimulation many of us need to achieve orgasm. Aya, with its external and internal applications gets me closer to that perfect clitoral, g-spot combo stimulation that gives me thigh trembling, long lasting orgasms.  

The versatility of the Aya makes this product a favorite for me. I can use it for vulva and clitoral play alone or turn up the heat by inserting the panty vibe into the removable shaft vibe.  Its features include, 8 vibration modes, is made from premium body-safe silicone and is splash proof. It has app control capability for the wireless remote control. The wireless remote control makes this vibe an excellent choice for all users; beginners to advanced. I highly recommend it. Now that Aya is part of my pleasure arsenal, it may quickly become my go-to for blissful masturbation and couples’ sessions. 

If you want a toy that will last and is super cute, the Aya is for you!  It is designed to adapt to different kinds of play and pleasure needs. It is great for clitoral and vulva stimulation, as well as internal g-spot stimulation.

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