Robots: Future of Sex?!

Is sex with robots the future of the sex industry? Sex with a robot is a social trend these days, the popularity of which has a clear exponentially growing curve. Already we are seeing robotic companions help us in various areas of life. What can be expected in the future, will sexbots replace interpersonal and sexual relationships?

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The growing interest in sex with robots

According to the American show Nightline, up to 25% of American men are interested in a relationship with a sex robot in the foreseeable future. According to The Independent, up to 52% of German men would like to interact with a sex robot. In the UK it is up to 47%.

Many residents do not yet have a clear opinion on sex robots, however the idea of ​​using them is tempting. Sexbots can also offer a number of other functions than just sexual games.

Modern sexbots provide not only sex, but also communication, a selection of characteristics, and expressions of emotion.

So to some extent you can replace your partner. However, the question remains to what level these modern sophisticated machines will remain just another alternative to sex or a complete replacement.

Possible spice up of sex life

Sex doll Rebecca © Naughty Harbor

According to sexologist Mr. Zlatko Pastor, sexbots will be used as often and in the same way as vibrators in 50 years. Human sexuality is constantly evolving and is shaped more by the psychosocial setting of society than by biology itself.

What is considered normal by society today may not be normal in 20 years. In a few decades time, sex with a robot should not be something seen as abnormal, but rather quite common. Virtual sex with cyber bots (or avatars) is a new trend now and is growing in popularity.

Of course, this will not be a completely affordable matter, as the price of a single sex robot is based on an average of 2,000 €. With the development of artificial intelligence and overall construction, sexbots will be so similar to humans that they will be indistinguishable in places.

Already today, there are high-quality forms of silicone, which after subsequent texturing can create a believable imitation of human skin. It is speculated that our artificial companions will soon have a heating system to mimic the heat of the human body.

People simply like to try new things, and the emergence of various erotic aids over time is proof of that. However, sexuality is now moving more into virtual space, which provides a number of benefits.

The clear advantages of sexbots include their ability to be optimized and set up exactly according to our needs and wishes. The risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are zero, this is something new that the company is just forming an opinion on.

Let’s look at a few examples in a world where a virtual relationship or sex with a robot is quite common.

Welcome to Japan!

Japan, a country of incredible technological progress and productivity, and at the same time the country with the lowest birth rate in the world. A country where a woman must arrange her pregnancy with her employer in advance.

This is how Japan can be briefly described. According to co-founder of the Stanford Laboratory for Research on Human Behavior in the Virtual World, Jeremy Baileson, the state of Japan is outside the table of common Western countries.

According to the very renowned portal The Guardian, 70% of Japanese men and 75% of Japanese women, under the age of 20, are without any sexual experience.

Furthermore, between the ages of 20 and 29, 30% of single women and 15% of single men are in love with virtual mems or anime characters. For these people, there is already a Japanese term “moe” – a person in a virtual relationship.

With its culture and social setting, Japan can give us an example of where things can go. As a tourist, you can visit a number of erotic businesses, which have robotic sexual services.

However, it is worth noting that the reduced interest in partner sex and relationships in Japan is created by a strict approach to work rather than a high offer of virtual and robotic sexual services.

The Japanese working lifestyle is incredibly long and the people live under permanent stress, which in itself does not create much room for relationship building and sexual intercourse. Can such a sexbot be used in other ways, for example for medical purposes?

Sexbot as a safe therapeutic aid

Many people have negative sexual experiences. In many sexological therapies, various aids are used to reopen the patient’s sexuality, thanks to which people are able to return to an enjoyable sexual life.

Today, such therapeutic aids  include vibrators, dildos and mirrors for example. Sexbots, thanks to their almost unrecognizable imitation of humans, can be one of the best aids in sexual therapies.

In addition to resembling the human body, sex robots can also offer human-like behavior and movements. They can be optimized for the patient’s needs and there is no risk of incompatibility as well as many other benefits.

Should we be excited?

Sex doll Vivian © Naughty Harbor

Not only for therapeutic reasons, the demand for their use is growing worldwide. The production and improvement of sex robots is on the rise and we can expect their usage around the globe to increase in the future.

Unlike in Japan, sex doll usage is seen as more of a way to spice up ones sex life instead of something that can be used as a partner substitute.

We are seeing more common realistic sex doll usage however, and its only a matter of time before they are integrated into society on a much wider scale.



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