Love Economics: 12 Steps to Recovering After a Break Up

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What Is Love Economics?

Love Economics is a new terminology for analyzing the benefits of love and relationships. For example, the benefits of a relationship include emotional, physical, social, and materialistic needs. Using the theory of Love Economics, dating and relationship problems can be analyzed and solved by using a more pragmatic approach. The advantage is that decisions will be based more on logic rather than on emotion.

Before committing to a new relationship, a Love Economist will make it perfectly clear that he/she won’t neglect their social portfolio of personal friends. This decision could save a lot of embarrassment should they break up with their love interest.

A Love Economics major will limit their emotional cost at all times to protect their own expenditure. This philosophy doesn’t work for everyone, especially when going through something as dramatic as a breakup. Whether you are breaking up from a relationship or going through a divorce it’s inevitable that you will feel emotional pain. No amount of Love Economics or pragmatism is going to protect you from experiencing the lows that only humans can relate to. After all, experiencing love can make you feel the most jubilant and satisfying emotions while losing love can make you feel the most devastating feelings of sadness and pain.

12 Steps to Recovering After a Break Up

The following 12 steps are the most effective way to handle, heal, recover, and raise your self-esteem so that you can move on with your life in a positive and productive manner after a breakup.

  • First write down how it would make you feel to never see that person again.
  • Then make two columns and write down the pros and cons of your relationship.  See which list is the longest.
  • If the relationship has been a long one, a mostly good one, and you care about the other person’s feelings, begin to taper the amount of time you spend with each other.
  • Connect or reconnect with people who make you feel good when you are with them.
  • Take up activities that will take your mind off your declining relationship and increase your self-worth and confidence.
  • Learn valuable lessons from your past experiences.  Write down what you have you learned about yourself and what you would do differently?  This is important because you don’t want to repeat negative patterns.  Relationships end when they are supposed to.  There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.
  • Do not mourn your break-up, blame or punish yourself.  Do not drive your family and friends crazy by constantly talking about your woes.  Instead, recognize and list all the wonderful qualities that you have to offer someone; acknowledge all your accomplishments, big and small.
  • Take a gratitude moment every day for all the good things in your life and thank the Universe for all that you have.
  • The best revenge is “happiness” so make a commitment to do at least three things that make you happy every day.
  • Imagine that you are “Ten Times Bolder” than you were before; take fun risks and don’t miss out on opportunities.  Have no regrets.
  • Celebrate the beginning of a new phase in your life with a positive attitude and buy yourself a gift or go out to dinner with friends to signify a celebration.  Reward yourself!  You are valuable and if you treat yourself as a valuable person, so will others.
  • Don’t shut love out by saying “It’s impossible to find.”  Open up your heart to new possibilities.  The quickest way to receive love is to give it.

These Techniques Will Teach You How to:

  • Attract potential soul mates.
  • Conquer your fears of rejection.
  • Enhance self-worth.
  • Take control of your own needs by focusing on your inner power.
  • Find and maintain everlasting love.


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