The Benefits of Glass Sex Toys

Silicone, metal, cyberskin, glass –these are just some of the materials that sex toys are made of. So, how do you choose the right option?

For many people, it’s a matter of two things – safety and personal preference. Some materials are safer than others because they don’t contain harmful chemicals or harbor nasty bacteria. Glass and silicone are two such materials. They also feel quite different and allow for experimentation with various sensations during masturbation.

If you’ve never tried a glass toy before, you’ve missed on a lot. Its coolness and hardness offer a nice diversion from the feel of traditional sex toys. In addition, glass can be heated or cooled to allow experiments with temperature play.

So, why should you test out sex toys made of glass? Here are a few of the most important reasons why the material has so many fans.

Probably the Safest and Easiest to Clean Material

First things first, let’s start with safety.

Glass is non-porous. This means it doesn’t have micro holes on its surface. Such little holes provide the perfect conditions for bacteria to proliferate. Bacteria on sex toys can contribute to nasty infections and even the transmission of STIs.

When properly cleaned after each use, glass will be completely germ-free. This is why it’s incredibly safe for both vaginal and anal play. The best glass dildo out there will simply need to be soaked in soapy water and rinsed after each use to become perfectly clean and safe.

In addition, the glass that sex toys are made of doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like phthalates, for example. Glass toys can be used without a condom and there’s no risk of them releasing nasty chemicals inside the body.

Very Durable and Long-Lived

Sex toys are usually crafted from shatterproof and temperature resistant glass.

These two characteristics make them nearly indestructible.

You can drop glass dildos without worrying about them shattering or chipping. Obviously, throwing your sex toys around isn’t recommended but an accidental drop isn’t likely to cause any harm.

While a bit more expensive than other sex toys, glass items can be expected to remain in impeccable condition for years, even decades to come. In fact, with a bit of proper care, a glass adult toy is likely to have a longer lifespan than you.

If you’re a person that’s committed to quality and that doesn’t like changing belongings often, glass is the material to pursue. It will give you safe and reliable experiences time and time again through the years.

Unique Feel

What do sex toys feels like? Anyone who has used a silicone or a cyberskin item before knows that these have a bit of flexibility and flesh-like quality. Hence, such toys feel more or less like having sex with an actual human partner. They can have additional features like vibrations and suction but the material itself will feel somewhat familiar.

Glass adds a whole new dimension to sexual play.

It’s a heavy, smooth and hard material. The lack of flexibility is something that lots of people enjoy in their sexual experimentation. The same applies to the heftiness that’s so typical for glass items (they’re quite a lot heavier than comparable sex toys made of different materials).

When it comes to glass, you’re either going to love it or hate it. An in-between option definitely doesn’t exist. No matter which camp you belong to, switching to glass will most definitely give you a curious sensation that you wouldn’t have had in any other way before.

Temperature Play

We briefly mentioned temperature play in the introduction but it’s definitely worth discussing in more detail.

Temperature play refers to the introduction of heat or cold to sexual stimulation.

Heat and cold make stimulation even more intense than it already is. Our skin responds to both low and higher temperatures. Thus, some people find it much easier to reach orgasms or enjoy highly erotic sensations through temperature play.

Glass is one of the materials suitable for the purpose. If you’re experimenting with heat or cold for the first time, however, be careful not to overdo it. Manufacturers provide recommendations on how to change the temperature of sex toys in a safe way. If you go too far, you risk making the experience unpleasant or even painful.


Glass toys can have swirls, buds and other added textures for more pleasure.

These, combined with the solidity of the material, can result in profoundly overpowering stimulation.

To enjoy such textures, you should look for well-made, premium glass toys. Such items are fairly easy to find. A little bit of research will show you all of the great possibilities that the market has to offer. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with something that looks a little bit unusual and unorthodox. Chances are that you’ll have amazing sensations this way.

Incredible Looks

Here’s a consideration that may seem a bit superficial. For some people, however, the appearance of sex toys can be a great turn-on. It will add to the overall fun and the eroticism of the experience.

Glass sex toys don’t look like other items designed for adult use.

Quite often, they will look like beautiful accessories. Some even approximate them to works of art. Glass can be colored and shaped in ways that look fantastic and deliver pleasure at the same time.

If looking at certain items adds to your arousal and makes you feel good about the sex toys you own, glass is definitely a material worth trying. You can look at online pictures right now and you’ll quickly be convinced of this beautiful quality of glass items.

So, to sum it up, glass dildos are safe, easy to clean, very long-lived, highly erotic and pleasurable to use.

Needless to say, it’s impossible to tell if a glass toy is your thing unless you try it.

Anyone open to experimentation, however, will definitely have a ton of fun with such an item.

Glass toys are fairly affordable and easy to come across online. Adding one to your collection will give you a fun new element and a chance to diversify your routine. If you’re looking for something exciting and new to try, a glass toy would definitely be it.



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