The Gender Code: Gender & Sexuality Documentary by Luka

The Gender Code: A New Documentary On Gender On Youtube

The Gender Code is a new documentary on gender and sexuality by filmmaker and artist, Luka. Luka is a 29 year old trans activist and visionary from Ireland, who identifies as gender feminine, and who has spent the past 6 years creating this documentary that examines gender and sexuality in a different way than what is culturally defined in today’s society. Luka created the film: writing, directing, animating, producing and appearing in it; which is an amazing accomplishment for one person, to create a film almost 2 hours long that is so professionally produced, visually and intellectually compelling.

The film is very beautifully animated and artistic, which makes it a pleasure to watch. But, more importantly is the subject matter it explores, from the POV of trans, feminine, non-binary and gender-fluid people. There are many interviews, historical news footage covering the GLBTQ+ history and movements, as well as some disturbing flashes of trans-phobia and gender violence. Yet, the ending is very powerful, and visualizes a hopeful new paradigm of gender fluidity beyond what we recognize in today’s culture that is inclusive, and embraces both our inner and outer masculine and feminine qualities on a dynamic spectrum that humanity can embrace.

“There is an expanding culture of people emerging, who for the first time in history are starting to have the resources to explore their identities (transgender, fluid, non- binary, etc.) Effectively and more recently, a huge number of men are exploring their attraction to us. The reality is we have very limited language, education or precedents to understand or navigate people’s identities and preferences.

The Gender Code is a documentary animated and created by me over a period of years, that looks at the bigger picture of gender and sexuality through my understanding and observations.”–Luka, filmmaker: The Gender Code

Watch the Entire Film

The Gender Code is divided into 7 parts:

  • Introduction: 00:00 (General introduction on the film and my experiences)
  • “Our Present” 7:33 (How we view gender and sexuality today)
  • “Our Past” ” 13:40 ( 20th century queer history up-to today)
  • “Gender and Sexuality” 32:23 (An introduction to the diversity of gender and sexuality)
  • “Change” : 56:04 (Answers and the science behind the reasons for misunderstanding)
  • “The Spectrum” : 1:16:57 (An in depth conclusion and breakdown with interviews with the cast)
  • “The Future” : 1:45:07 (A look at the powerful possibilities of the future)

Our Language for Exploring Gender is Limited

The Gender Code- film still

“The reality is we have very limited language, education or precedents to understand or navigate people’s identities and preferences. Everyday I check my mail or my Grindr account receiving a shocking amount of messages from men who say they are discovering trans girls / feminine males, and they can’t openly acknowledge this. A lot of times this shame turns to them sexually objectifying us. This invisibility, and lack of education is extremely painful and urgent. I will do anything to get my message out there. It is my dream to start a conversation and bring education to the invisible.”

We Are at the Start of a Revolution

“I really believe that all human beings have the ability to love someone of the same sex, and that gender can take many forms. Humanity is more of a spectrum, rather than gay or straight. We’ve been divided by an illusion of “Gay and Straight” and there is a lot of lost potential. Our current language is outdated and was written a long time ago by people who may not have had the reality of everyone in mind. People are crying out for a regeneration of thinking. I really feel we are at the very early stages of a revolution.”

The Gender Code Takes a Fresh Look at Gender Diversity

The Gender Code- film still

“Looking at our past, present and our future, The Gender Code acts as a map to help navigate this emerging reality. It’s an intensely researched, non biased, guide of the bigger picture of gender and sexuality through my experiences and observations. I would like to think it takes a fresh unique look at the entire reality of what we know as LGBTQ and brings things into a 21st century perspective, departing from traditional oppressive thinking and effectively expanding everyone’s potential.”

“Through my observations and research (and intense it was!) I’ve come to the conclusion that most of societies ideas, customs and rhetoric are passed down from an outdated and superstitious space, lacking scientific and feminine or (yang) consciousness.”

“I found many hypocritical and unfair realities and entities that I wanted to bring into the light, the main one being that the theory of sexuality and gender, is, in my research and understanding actually, a 20th century myth based on feminine and masculine polarity within the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the brain.”–From an interview with Luka at GCN News.

Gender Dysphoria or Cultural Dysphoria?

“I’m Luka, I’m the person in the video, I’m 28 years old, I am gender feminine, (meaning my gender feelings and expressions are on the more feminine side of the spectrum. My biological sex is male and I am proud and ok with that. I don’t feel I have dysphoria with my genitals, rather I have dysphoria with society’s outdated customs and expectations of what / how and who people should all dress behave and love, based on our biological sex. (whether we have an innie or an outie, should not define our life paths!)”

All images and quite by Luka, creator of The Gender Code.



About the Film-

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