Erika Jordan’s Advice For Men Best Questions To Ask A Girl

You know women like to talk, But do you know what questions to ask her? Erika Jordan wants to help you with that! No matter if she’s your girlfriend or a girl you just met these questions tend to evoke a positive response. They will help you get or keep the girl.

What makes you feel special?

If you could quit your job and pursue your passion what would you do?

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

What’s a fun fact about you that I don’t know yet?

Not only are these great conversation starters but if you take proper notes it’ll help you navigate the relationship. Come find me at My six week course, The Art Of PickUp is available with personalized guidance at Virtual Acquire the skills to approach women with confidence and get them to want you!

To keep up with latest advice from Erika Jordan follow our YouTube channel and check out The Playmate Pickup podcast.


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