Easy 3 Step Process for Keeping Your Backdoor Clean

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Ever since I became bicurious back when I was 19 years old (I now consider myself Bisexual), I have been turned on to the thought of getting fucked up the ass. Whether it’s a dildo, strap on, or a real cock. Just something to fill my hole! But my biggest struggle and turn off about anal play was keeping my hole clean. I was and still am self-conscious about having a squeaky clean ass and after much experimentation with my bum, I have finally found a routine that keeps Miss Colleen’s pussy clean!

It took months of reading, trial and error but I finally got it down.

So here is how I do it:

Fiber Vitamins

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To start I take dietary vitamins. I suggest and use myself Pure For Men (PFM). If you don’t have a high fiber diet, taking dietary vitamins can really boost your fiber levels which in turn results in packing your fecal matter tighter which helps leave less loose fecal matter in your rectum. Also PFM packaged and branded the same fiber vitamin for women called Pure for Women.

I wait approximately 4 hours after consuming a meal before I even lay a finger on my hole. I let my body digest and usually this takes 4 hours. It also helps when I drink plenty of water. Drinking a lot of water helps the cleansing even more. I usually won’t start douching until I have a bowel movement.

Anal Douching

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Now this step is critical to me and has fully given me the confidence to do anal cleanly. Anal douching. I use a 5 ounce bulb and fill myself with 10 ounces. The best position I found for this is to lay your face and chest to the floor with your ass pointing to the sky. Once I’m filled to that amount I take 10 deep breaths and relax. Then I expel the water.

Sit on the toilet with your legs elevated. This position allows for a more open pathway for residue and water to leave your rectum. Use a stool or there’s even something called the Squatty Potty which is basically a stool that wraps around your toilet. I go through this process about 3 or 4 times until the water that’s pouring out of my hole is crystal clean. Once it’s clean I wait for about a half an hour to let any excess water to leave my rectum and let my sphincter relax. Then you’re ready to get fucked!

Through a lot of reading and researching on the matter, I found a common theme. Not only do you have to be prepared physically for anal, but you have to be mentally prepared. You have to be relaxed. If at any time you feel pain or discomfort you should really stop and try again another day. Believe me it took me months to find a routine and techniques to keep my hole clean.

Should I Use Enemas?

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I would also suggest staying away from enemas. Enemas can flush out mucus from your rectum. The mucus protects the delicate inner linings of your rectum. A complete flush of this mucus can cause bleeding.

That’s the 3 Step Process!

So in conclusion I offer a 3 step process: take fiber supplements, allow your body to digest for 4 hours after a meal and douche with small amounts of water!

This process works for me and I hope it works for you!!


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