Thursday, July 25, 2024

How to Give Her the Best Orgasm During Oral Sex

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Eating out a girl is a sexual skill that can make or break a woman’s perception of you. If done well, it will compensate for the lack of pretty much anything else in the bedroom. And if done poorly, it will leave a woman wanting for more. If done patiently and sensuously, this can bring a woman to multiple and visibly convulsive orgasms. If done hurriedly, it will leave a… bad taste in her mouth. But eating pussy is eating pussy, right? What’s there to it?

A whole lot, actually.

Because you are dealing with the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It can be physically hurtful if you apply the slightest bit of extra pressure. It can be awkward if you repeatedly miss the spot. And it can seem immature if your tongue ventures where your fingers should.

In other words, learning how to eat her out is an art. And since they don’t make masterclasses on subjects that really interest us, here is an easy guide on giving exceptional oral sex to women; how to approach it, caress it and play with it.

Oral Sex Tips on How to Eat a Girl Out

  1. Kiss and caress as you approach

Don’t go straight down under. Take a slow approach from the top, kissing and caressing and tracing the way with the tip of your tongue. And don’t take a straight path. Go for as many detours as you fancy. Go close to the pussy and then go back up. Go down kissing but leave the clitoris and go for her thighs. Inner thighs are one of the most closely-guarded female erogenous zones. Kiss and softly bite her inner thighs. Kiss and lick the spot behind her knees. Go close to the clitoris and hold it back. If you do it sensuously, by now, she will be begging you to eat her out.

  1. Softly lick the clitoris – and nearby areas

Remember, this is the most sensitive part of her body. So, as you approach it, be as gentle as possible. Softly lick the surrounding areas in gentle strokes. Do not go full throttle at the clitoris yet. Take your time and get her all warmed up. When you finally start licking the clitoris – and if you are wondering what it is, it’s that bean-like thing at the top of the vagina – don’t do it forcefully. Do not prod or stab with the tip of your tongue.

Just make vertical strokes, up and down. Do not suck it or gulp it in the beginning. Stroke it for a while and then when she tells you through her moans that she’s loving it, go for horizontal strokes over her clitoris. Many women claim this gets them to orgasm faster than anything else. No matter what, remember this: No biting the clitoris.

  1. Multi-task

Alright, here’s a thumb rule: Fingers go inside, the tongue goes outside. This is true for most of the women. They don’t like it when the fingers grab the clitoris and the tongue tries to awkwardly make its way inside. When you are eating her clitoris, your fingers shouldn’t be on holiday. They should be gently working her from inside. Move your fingers to her G-Spot (a bit higher up behind the vaginal wall), curl them and gently stroke. Do it as you lick and kiss her clitoris.

  1. Get feedback

Getting feedback and adjusting your maneuvers is how you perform well both in office and in the bedroom. If she doesn’t seem to respond to your moves, ask her whether you are doing it right. If she tells you to go slow, you go slow. There’s nothing more unnerving than someone who doesn’t listen. If she doesn’t like you sucking her clitoris, stop right then and there. If she wants you to insert one more finger, you know what to do.

  1. Get outside help

We mean toys. There are plenty of toys that can be creatively added to your oral sex regimen. The key here is to have a discussion with her prior to the act. Do not surprise her by taking out something unpleasant and scary while you are down under. If you are going with a dildo or a vibrator, ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated.

  1. Give it a break

Women’s sexual pleasures don’t peak and plummet like those of guys. They come as beautiful waves. Ask her whether she would like to take a break. And once she’s ready, she’ll let you know. Then you go back to eating her out and giving her mind-blowing orgasms.