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Best Oral Sex Tips on a Vulva

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In some ways, this is the hardest thing for me to write since I’ve never gone down on a woman, but oral sex is one of the best things in life … when it’s done right. I’ve had some bad oral sex, too, but I don’t want to knock those guys. After all, it’s not like there are classes on cunnilingus (or at least none that I know of) and I know how you guys are about asking for directions. Even if your woman tells you what she likes, sometimes verbal communication is the furthest thing from your mind when hormones have taken over.

Build Anticipation

In most cases, the pussy is the last thing you want to play with during foreplay. I know, most men would be thrilled if a woman comes right up to him, unzips his pants, and immediately gets to the business of sucking his cock. But most women need to have their minds and bodies warmed up before you plunge your tongue down below. Build anticipation by leading a trail of kisses from her lips and down her neck, sternum and belly. Take your time teasing her by swirling your tongue in her belly button. If you start from the bottom, caress, kiss and lick your way slowly up the insides of her thighs.

Start Softly and Slowly

Whatever you do, don’t rip into her labia majora (the outer lips) and the labia minora (the inner lips) like a bag of potato chips. The inner lips are very delicate and packed with nerve endings. Short, slow licks with the tip of your tongue will get her wetter and feel tingly quicker than devouring her like Larry the Cable Guy at an all-you-can-eat country buffet. Gradually work up to giving her longer and broader strokes with the palate (flat end) of your tongue. Pay attention to the way she moans, squirms between your cheeks, and raises her hips before you start with more aggressive tongue and mouth action.

Licking Her Clit

Just because her clit can get as hard as a pebble doesn’t mean that it can take a pounding. Suck on it softly. Flick it lightly and quickly with the tip of your tongue as if it’s a wing of a hummingbird. Barely part your lips and blow on it. Blowing on it up and down and back and forth is even better.

Match Your Mounts

Make sure your mount is properly placed on her pussy. A man’s (or woman’s, if she’s giving) mount is the area of his upper lip just above his teeth. A woman’s mount is the center of the pubic bone. You’ll know when you have it right; it’s a natural fit and it allows you to get to all the places you need to be.

Getting in Deep

In some ways, a man’s tongue can feel more exciting than his penis. Don’t just stick your tongue inside of her vagina; play with it. Push it in and out like you’re fucking her. Dart it in as far as it can go. Swirl or circle your tongue around her inner walls. Wiggle the tip of your tongue around as if you’re tickling her when you’re lapping up her love juices.

Change Things Up

Don’t just stick to one area or one technique. Change things up between clit, labia and vaginal play. Go faster. Go Slower. Don’t forget to let your fingers to some of the caressing, fondling and prodding some of the time. Rub her clit in a circular motion.

Other Techniques

Cup your mouth over her vulva when you’ve got your tongue inside of her. Suck on it as if your mouth is a giant suction cup.

Place the flat end of your tongue on her vulva and over her labia and let her ride your tongue.

Pull your tongue back and then lick her senseless with long and fast diagonal strokes with quick bursts of energy. Pull your tongue back again and return to her pussy with a still tongue until she pants and begs for more.

Invest in a vibrating tongue ring.

Savor; Don’t Gnaw

Whatever technique you’re using, use finesse. Think of eating pussy like licking an ice cream cone or sucking on a marshmallow. It’s not a hamburger, and it’s certainly not beef jerky. And teeth have no role in savoring this delicacy.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your mouth, lips and tongue moist by keeping a glass of water on the nightstand in case you need it, especially if you have been drinking alcohol or smoking weed. Dry mouth can be a real deal breaker both for her and you.

Show Your Enthusiasm

Even if you don’t say how much you enjoy going down on her, she can tell by the way you are totally into the act. If you’re going down on her just for the sake of getting it over or just to get her wet enough to fuck, she’ll sense that and chances are that you’ll be cheating yourself out of ultimate pleasure.


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