Become a Sexpert in Three Steps

by Dr. Ava Cadell

Have you always been interested in finding out more about love, sex, and relationships?

Are comfortable talking about intimate topics?

Do you want a better sex life?

Would you like to help others to have more intimacy?

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions, then you’ll love the three steps to becoming a Master Sexpert.

Step One

What is your story?

What do you want to do to help make the world a more loving and sexier place?

What are the things you enjoy doing and are good at that can help improve the quality of people’s lives?

Empower yourself by identifying all of your unique qualities that will make you a successful Sexpert!

First begin with your story: For example, my story started with a revolution in my country, so I was smuggled out and left in an orphanage where nuns filled my head with guilt and shame about my body, so I had low self-esteem and that led to abusive relationships. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I realized I needed to learn about love, relationships and sex so that I could find a healthy relationship for myself.

After I did learn about sex positivity and I felt more confident, it led me to finding true love. Feeling empowered, I knew it was my mission to help people to overcome their guilt and shame, and I began my career as a Sexpert by earning a Doctorate in Sexology from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. After my graduation, I decided to open up my own online university at and created the Master Sexpert Certification program with courses that I wished I had learned more about, such as Fantasies and Role-Playing, Boundaries and Taboos, Erotic Massage and the G-spot.

My qualities included non-judgement and empathy, both mandatory if you want to become a successful Sexpert!

Step Two

Visualize your ideal clients.

Who is your target audience?

What are some of the problems you can help them with as a Sexpert.

What can you talk about passionately?

You have a lot of options to pursue as a Sexpert, including an exciting career as a sex blogger and author, media Sexpert, global speaker, pleasure party consultant, researcher, producer of instructional sex educational videos and pleasure products, spokesperson for adult toys and a private coaching practice.

For me, I knew my clients would include people who needed help learning how to love themselves, and people looking for healthy relationships so they could experience sexual satisfaction. I also felt confident I could help couples with their issues because I was married, and they could relate to me. So, I started my private practice, then I built my website, wrote blogs and books, and began my speaking career by lecturing at the Learning Annex.

Step Three

The Sky’s the limit.

Once you have your Master Sexpert Certificate, anything is possible! Share your talents and help change the vibration of the planet to make the world a more loving place. LU offers personal mentoring for students who need help with their career from Tamara Bell, a graduate from 2008 who is now the Ambassador of Students. She is available to help students before enrollment, to them find the best program for them, during studies to help students pass their final exam and after graduation to help students reach their goals.

I surpassed my career goals as a Sexpert with eleven published books, a sex column in Penthouse magazine, wrote and narrated 13 instructional videos, invented an adult toy called the TriGasm and a Tantric game for lovers, I lectured in four continents and did masses of media. If I can do it, from my humble beginnings, so can you!

Many graduates of Loveology University have thriving careers, such as Erika Jordan, a Certified Love Coach, NLP and ACE Certified Health Coach with her own course for men, entitled The Art of Pickup.

The sky is the limit if you want to be in the public eye, as I experienced with my career. And the good news is that there’s room for all of us. The world needs more love!

I did two TV pilots called Sexperts, the first one was with Dr. Diana Wiley and Sharon Mitchell.

The second one was with my friend and colleague Dr. Hernando Chaves.

In 2015 I become Sexpert of the Year, which I was proud of as it validated my work!


Sexperts Dr. Cat Meyer, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, Miyoko Fujimori and Symon Murray attended the Sexual Health Expo, where I gave Dr. Ruth Westheimer a lifetime achievement award and we promoted our Sexycises for Intimacy video and workshops:

If you’re ready to take the next step in working towards a successful Sexpert career watch Erika Jordan’s video below:

Enroll in Loveology University now Loveology University’s Master Sexpert course



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