The QIUI CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 is an upgrade that has been long expected from the QIUI brand, although due to some trademark issues on the name ‘cellmate’, this upgraded version will now have the CAGINK logo as opposed to the logo of CELLMATE, and the product is named CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 CHASTITY CAGE. Be rest assured that it is still the same brand that gave you the CELLMATE 1.0, the only difference is that this new version has some new features and designs for a more comfortable and sweet chastity experience. A refined and renewed experience. This upgraded version of the chastity Cage has a novel feature of a programmable electric shock setting that can be timed or left to automatically send the electric tremor as set by the user or the ‘key holder’, which in the world of chastity cage refers to the Dom or someone you trust to hold control of the device. CELLMATE 2.0 comes in two different sizes, making it a choice chastity gadget for people of varying penis sizes.


CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 comes in a package that includes the chastity cage, which is the device itself, a USB charging cable for a wired charging, a wireless charging adapter and the instructional manual.


This version of the CELLMATE is made with matte material that is quite lightweight and ideal for a long term usage, which is unlike the CELLMATE 1.0 version. A body-safe soft rubber material that is quite light and comfortable to wear for a long period of time. The device weighs about 80g. CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 comes in two different sizes, the long model and the short model. The long model has the specification of 37 by 120 mm, the length of the compartment where the penis goes into. The short model has 37 by 100 mm for the penis cage compartment. The ring has a six-level adjustable stages and can be adjusted based on the size of the testes.  The device is built with ventilation holes placed in a way that will prevent the penis from getting stuffed up from heat.


This device is app controlled, which means that the features can be controlled from a smartphone. Regardless of the distance, the app can be used to send shockwaves and tremors into the penis. There are three electric shock settings that are programmed into the app, vibration, tremor and tingling. The lock can also be set to unlock at anytime, once this time is reached, the chastity cage unlocks, even if the smartphone is not connected to a network at the time.


CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 is quite straightforward to use, once you slide the penis in while soft into the cage, you put the ring in place and depress the steel rod to lock the ring in place. You can adjust the ring depending on the size of your testes. The time of unlocking can be set on the app, and you can wear the chastity cage all day long, it is ergonomically designed to fit and comfortable to wear. There is an opening for urination, so you will not have to unlock the chastity cage to urinate.

The device allows total submission to domination with scheduled shock and also the type of electric shock that is desired. Using the smartphone remotely, the shock settings could also be altered as desired. You can make use of the wireless charging to charge the device as it is still attached to your body.


This device is completely waterproof, it can withstand sweat, spray, splash of water or urine. It can also be submerged in water without any damage to it. This also makes it easy to clean it with soap and water.


CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 has a simple interface, a single switch button right on top of the device, easy to reach to operate. All other functions can be controlled on the smartphone.


CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 comes with an in-built lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable using the USB charging cable. There is also a wireless charging adapter that can be used to charge it.


The brand does not support returns nor refund due to the device being using on the most intimate part of the body (personal hygiene), but if the device has a manufacturing defect, the company should be contact immediately so that they can follow up on the issue.


1. APP controlled regardless of the distance.
2. Timed electric shock in three settings, vibration, tremor and tingling
3. Rechargeable battery with both wired and wireless charging
4. Comfortable and light, easy to wear for a long period of time
5. Multiple ventilation holes to prevent heat
6. Wide urinary tract for easy and undisturbed urination
7. It is waterproof and can be cleaned easily
8. A 6-speed adjustable snap ring setting that can accommodate various sizes of testes.
9. Timed unlocking mechanism without connecting to the QIUI app
10. It can be unlocked using the Bluetooth feature on the QIUI app.
11. Wireless charging allows the device to be charged while in usage.


1. Wearing for a long period of time can lead to ache due to repressed erections.
2. It does not have a location feature on the app
3. No fixed warranty on the product
4. Even with the two sizes this version is presented in, It may not favor those with less than average flaccid penis as their member may not be able to touch the shock cords at the tip of the gadget, and for males with larger than average flaccid penis, it may prove to be choking for the penis as they will have to stuff the cage with their larger member. This may reduce the sensation for the former and heighten it for the latter.

How to download ‘QIUI’ APP

To download the app, search for “QIUI” in APP store or Play store.


CAGNIK CELLMATE 2.0 Chastity Cage is quite ergonomically designed to give the actual feeling of being caged, an effective device that provides the penis a breathing allowance through the holes at strategic areas on the body of the cage and at the same time holding the penis firm as long as the wearer or key holder desires.  For your dominance/submission play, this device is designed to suit your needs. For solo usage as well, chastity, it is up to the task. For more information, please check Qiui cellmate cock cage: worth to try

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