6 Ways Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Relationship

6 Ways Sex Toys Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Keeping things spicy in the bedroom—and beyond—is linked to satisfying, long-lasting romantic relationships. If your sex life is anything less than deliciously hot, it’s time to shake things up.

Luckily, small changes can make a big difference between the sheets. One simple and effective way to make your frisky time extra fun? Introduce sex toys into your sexcursions! Couples who actively explore new and exciting ways to connect sexually are more likely to maintain a passionate sex life long-term. This is where adult toys come into play…

The use of sex toys among couples has hit the mainstream—and we absolutely love this upward trend! If you’re curious how adding toys to your sexy time can make your relationship steamy, read on! I’ve compiled a list of six proven ways using sex toys can strengthen your bond and keep both you and your partner begging for more.

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1. Introducing Sex Toys Leads to Better Communication

Conversations regarding sexual preferences, fantasies, etc. can be awkward even for long-term couples. Opening up is typically much easier when one or both partners is excited to try a new position or something else spicy—like a new sex toy!

As with every aspect of a relationship, communication is key when it comes to sex. When trying out toys, it’s important that both parties share their thoughts, feelings, and any requests or boundaries before, during, and/or after each sex session.

In a nutshell? Ask for what you want. To truly enjoy the experience, you and your partner should strive to strike a balance between conversation and action.

2. Using Sex Toys Can Make Sex More Satisfying

If you and your sweetie aren’t squirming for each other after a sexless night or two, one purely satisfying night of passion could revive your sex life.

The vast majority of women—just 18 percent—don’t reach orgasm by vaginal penetration alone. Orgasm is more likely to occur with direct clitoral stimulation or a combination of intercourse and touch. For women who struggle to climax, sex toys can be an absolute game-changer, as they can be utilized during foreplay and/or the main event to reach orgasm.

While it’s still widely believed that sex toys are just for women, men can benefit, too. Vibration can take blow jobs to a whole new level, along with enhancing a man’s pleasure during intercourse. Use your imagination!

If you and your partner put your heads together, and you’re both open to exploring the wonderful world of sex toys, the possibilities for pleasure are virtually endless.

3. Incorporating Sex Toys Eases the Pressure to Perform

In the early stages of a new relationship, sex can be nerve-wracking. Men often worry they’ll climax too quickly, and women stress that they won’t reach orgasm at all.

Using toys can help lessen the anxiety you and/or your partner typically experience before or during sex, allowing you both to let go and lose yourselves in each other. If you tend to need lots of foreplay to get going, toys such as tongue vibrators can help you reach that sweet spot where you and your partner can climax together.

Truly satisfying sex is stress-free, and trust me… stress-free sex will lead to more amazing (and frequent!) sex!

4. Utilizing Sex Toys Can Strengthen Intimacy

One great thing about adult toys is their ability to open people’s minds to sexual exploration. Couples who are keen on exploring their sexuality together will likely continue to enhance their sex lives in weird and wonderful ways for years to come.

Relationships are all about give and take—and that reciprocity certainly extends to the bedroom. Being open-minded about your partner’s sexual preferences and desires will undoubtedly increase your intimate connection, especially if that open-mindedness is reciprocated.

5. Mutual Play with Adult Toys Can Help You Evolve Sexually

For some couples, a single sex toy may be all it takes to ignite the spark they’ve been missing. For others, adult toys can be a gateway to turning other sexual fantasies into real-life sexcapades.

One thing’s for sure… When you introduce anything new and exciting into your sex life, your love life will begin to evolve. You and your partner will likely become more sex-positive as you change and grow together. The trick to continued satisfaction? Keeping each other’s comfort level in mind, as previously mentioned, good sex requires great communication.

6. Adding Adult Toys to Your Sexual Arsenal Can Make You and Your Partner More Playful

We’d be remiss not to mention that sex toys can be silly! Some of them look downright hysterical, and shopping for items for your sex toy box can be hilariously fun.

Don’t take toy shopping—or playing—too seriously. If you and your partner have giggle fits while testing out your new vibrator, go with it! Silly can be sexy, and sexy is the goal here.


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