5 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life For Under £10

It’s very common for relationships to stagnate as the years go by, with couples feeling so comfortable around each other that they forget the importance of working on their relationship. You either become too busy with work or too caught up in your thoughts to bring that extra “spark” back into your love life. The good news is that this common hurdle is one that many couples will come across. It just goes to show how far you’ve come together. If you do find yourselves hitting that “comfortable” niche, it’s the perfect time to put in a bit of extra work to spice things up.

Everyone loves surprises, they love variety in their day and having adventures with their partner. A relationship’s all about making unique and special memories together. This can fall a bit flat after couples have been together for a long time and things can start to get boring. When this happens, it’s time to change things up. All you have to do is put a little thought into it! It’s the time to display the creative side of your brain, otherwise known as our biggest sex organ.

You don’t need to go crazy and spend a fortune to have a good time with your partner, you can get creative and spend less than £10 to make this happen! Find out how below:

  • List your desires

When you get comfortable with the person that you love you often fall into a routine. You wake up, get ready for work, spend all day working, come home, watch TV, go to bed. Routine rapidly dulls even the most exciting relationship. When this happens you’ll start to feel bored, and the chances are, your partner will too. You’ll start to crave adventure. Listing your desires is a perfect way to bring that adventure back to the bedroom.

Get your partner involved in this process, communicate with one another and say what you’d like to do. How can you make your love life more interesting again? You’ll probably find that your partner might have already thought of something. By talking to one another you’ll often find that you both want to try something new. You might find that doing something as simple as complimenting your partner is enough to make them smile.

When was the last time you told them they were beautiful and that you loved them? Tell them in a note and leave it for them to find. Interested in taking it one step further? Try writing down what you would like to do together. If you feel like you’re not doing anything new in the bedroom, communicate with one another and talk about what your sexual desires are. Write down something new each year and change things up. You’ll find that this is a great way to keep your sex life intimate, exciting, and fulfilling.

  • Send a Flirtatious Text

Get out of your rut of sending templated texts. There’s nothing sexy or fun about someone asking “what’s for dinner?” unless the reply is “You!”. Quit thinking that your phone can’t be used for some fun time with your partner and start getting flirty by sending them a text telling them what you want to do to them when you get home. Don’t be afraid to get specific. Remind them of one of your hottest experiences together or maybe even send them a pic if you feel comfortable doing so.

An unexpected “sexy” text to your partner is a great way to build tension throughout the day. If you plan it well enough in advance you could even leave a naughty note inside your significant other’s rucksack, laptop bag, in the car or on the pillow in the morning (just make sure that only they will see it). Build their anticipation slowly throughout the day so that when both of you come home, you know it’s go time. 

  • Plan a Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Fancy changing up your date nights to make them a bit more adventurous? Then plan a sexy scavenger hunt. All it takes is a little time and thought, plus some paper or something for clues. Depending on if you want romantic or sexy, you can either include some photos of you in lingerie and handcuffs, or you can leave some cute love clues around the house.

You don’t need to spend too long on this. There are plenty of ideas you can use for a sexy treasure hunt, just don’t want to make it too hard for your partner! The whole point of doing something like this is to get them excited about what will happen at the end. If you’ve hidden items around the house then you can also use them at the end of your hunt…

  • Add Some Kink to the Routine

If you feel like you’ve fallen into a sex life that’s more routine than spontaneous, it’s time to spice things up by adding in something new and exciting. It’s a good idea to talk to your partner first to make sure they’re comfortable with any suggestions you give. If adding some kink into your sex life is new then take things slow and allow yourselves time to get used to this exciting new direction.

Talk about things that you’d both feel comfortable with exploring in the bedroom. From pleasurable pain to soft, silk ties, there’s something for everyone. It’s important both of you are having a good time. You don’t need to buy the most expensive sex toys, products such as last longer for less condoms could be all you need to transform things in the bedroom. 

  • Dabble with Role Play

As suggested previously you can add some role play into your relationship. If your partner is willing, talk about any fantasies you have and try playing them out in the bedroom. You could take things one step further and try something naughty like a faux affair, pretending that you’re meeting them for the first time. Get creative in how you approach this. It will make your partner feel desired and want you even more!

You don’t need to spend a fortune when it comes to spicing up your sex life. If you feel like your relationship’s stuck in a rut then communication is key. Remember that talking is free and can be all you need to spice up your relationship when things start to fall a bit flat.


Featured Photo by Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash


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