Top 10 Easy Sexy Halloween Costumes

We’re more than halfway through October, and you little hot thing might have completely forgotten about Halloween! Dressing up might sound like something only trick-or-treaters might do, but attending a party in a very adult costume could prove for some equally very adult fun! (Wink!)

For anyone who’s scrambling for a last-minute look or just taking the easy sexy way, these ten hot Halloween looks from our friends at are a must-add-to-cart! Maybe this time, buy more than one so you’ve got a go-to for next year, too.

Fine Like Wine

Fancy being subordinate to a monarch? This sequin romper is gorgeously detailed with gold trimming, and adorned all over with deep purple sequins and mesh. To top it all off, Yandy’s Fine Like Wine comes with a sophisticated crown of the best grapes that money can buy. Shoes aren’t included, however, so make sure you pair it with a lovely metallic stiletto for a finishing touch. This costume might not be taking anything from pop culture, but it sure will be an iconic look even centuries after that Halloween party.

Cara Mia Mistress

Nothing says sexy more than leather. Channel your inner Morticia Addams and go on the prowl for the mon cheri to your cara mia on Halloween night. The costume turns you into a macabre Victorian lady of the house, featuring a high-slitted dress that accentuates your curves and elongates your figure. Yandy also updates it with a little bit of kink, adding some leather crisscrosses here and there to make it a little more delicious and dangerous. (The one right on the cleavage of the deep neckline is exceptionally so!) Complete the look with some styling details, from the hair, the makeup, the red nails, some quaint rings, and oh, throw in a red rose as a prop, too!

Sexy Lingerie Online

Little Red

Black not your thing? Go looking for the big bad wolf in this classic red costume. Fairytales can definitely be sexy, especially with a sweetheart neckline and a short ruffled skirt that makes you look good enough to eat. The embroidered detailing on the black bodice really steals the show, making it a step up from your typical off-the-rack Halloween costumes, but Yandy makes it a big deal to keep it well within sexy lingerie with the design and materials. The costume comes with the red satin cape, but the shoes and stockings aren’t included. Match it with cute thigh-highs and some school shoes, and a picnic basket full of condoms… You know, for fornicating frolicking through the forest.

French Maid 

Here’s a four-piece lace-trimmed costume that’s sure to get anyone in the mood. The French maid has gone down as one of the most recognizable sex symbols, and you can live out your international sex kitten dreams for a night thanks to Yandy. It features the maid outfit adorned with lace trimming, with matching accessories like the choker, black leg garter, and the feather duster. The headpiece, however, isn’t included, but you can easily swap in a headband with some lace detailing to match.

Bad Habit Nun

The Bad Habit Nun is equal parts forbidden fruit, slutty, and badass. If you’ve been binging on the Warrior Nun, you might get inspired to go as a hot nun for Halloween. With cross details in black and gold all over, you’ll definitely get them to confess all their secrets to you. The high-neckline features a keyhole to show off two of your best assets, and the tulip skirt paired with the pure white stockings highlight your heaven-sent thighs. The fingerless gloves are also a great addition, making it a little more on the chic side thanks to Yandy.

Beetle Bombshell

For the film geeks, you know what to do: say her name three times, and the bombshell trickster will appear! This costume from Yandy is just as fun as it is sexy, with a chic blazer in black and white stripes accented with luminescent moss and beetle details. The black-tie and purple collar also help draw attention to the neckline! To make sure it doesn’t go full-fledged Halloween costume, try to tone down on the makeup. You can even style your hair a little differently, maybe with a modern twist since platinum white is always in fashion.

Wicked Vampire

Another classic costume that Yandy put a lingerie spin on is the Wicked Vampire costume. It mixes lace with luxurious velvet, showing all the skin that your vampire fellow can bite into. The deep neckline also features your neck and cleavage with criss-cross straps. The matching waist cincher isn’t all aesthetic, it’ll also help you curve out your body for that immortally stunning look. Oh, and don’t forget to complete the look with a vampy red lipstick and prosthetic fangs!

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Sailor’s Delight

If you’re more into looking cute while being sexy, cop this adorable Sailor’s Delight from Yandy. It’s a no-frills, no-fuss outfit: a red, white, and blue mini-dress with some anchors and stars printed on. The red bow on the neckline is the cherry on top!

All Jazzed Up

Take it back to the Roaring 20’s with an extremely sexy flapper girl costume. Yandy’s All Jazzed Up costume comes with a navy blue stretch sequin romper with a fringe skirt to put some oomph into your dance moves. The plunging neckline is trimmed with faux gold diamond, ending in a criss-cross straps below the bust line. It also comes with a sequin feather fascinator to go on top of your finger wave bob! Other accessories aren’t included though, so you’ll have to be getting that pearl necklace in another way…

Boarding School Flirt

You don’t have to be a bad student to be a naughty one, but if you’ve gotten a school-girl crush on a hot young teacher before then this costume is perfect! The Boarding School Flirt is a three-piece outfit, including a dress that mimics a plaid-pleated skirt school uniform, plaid necktie, and matching plaid hair bows. Pair this classic costume from Yandy with thigh-high white socks and black high-heels to elevate it to sexy student. They also have quite a number of variations of this, so you can check out what fits your body best!

Whatever you end up choosing from Yandy’s awesome collection of easy and sexy Halloween costumes, make sure you’ve got the moves to back all that sexiness up in bed! Check out our sex advice and sex education articles to make sure you have as much fun dressing up as you do getting naked. 😉


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