Sweet Treats For A Naughty Halloween

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is the candy! When I was a kid, as soon as I’d get home from Trick or Treating, I’d pour my plastic pumpkin’s sugary contents out and look for my favorite 3 Musketeers with all its smooth nougaty goodness.

Now that I’m an adult, I still love my candy, but I’ve discovered a whole new world of sweet delights! Flavored gels turn oral play into an obsession that gets the salivary glands working – my personal Halloween favorite is Pucker Up in Green Apple. Edible massage lotions are another option to rub in all the right places. There’s one called Cremesicle that tastes like ice cream and even helps with the gag reflex. Or for a more subtle delicacy, edible powders made with corn starch to dust wherever one wants their sweetheart’s tongue to wander.

The adult industry has done wonders for eroticizing the taste buds and bringing oral play to a whole new level. I often get asked why my clients should bother with edible products when the kitchen is full of their favorite sweet confections. This is where proper hygiene becomes a much bigger issue than people expect. A woman’s vagina has a delicate Ph balance that can be easily thrown off by introducing sugar, leading to yeast infections. Bacteria from foods can also lead to a UTI as the woman’s urethra is much shorter than a man’s, though he is not immune either.

Products specifically designed for oral sex come in sealed containers, don’t need refrigeration, and generally have a shelf life of one to two years.

Tantalizing one’s palate is truly just the tip of the iceberg though. When you can engage even more of your senses, you can orchestrate a symphony of pleasure. You can find edible gels that actually heat up, creating what the experts call ‘temperature play’ for the giver and the receiver. Passion Parties’ version is called Fireworks. Do be careful though, as it’s not designed for use as a lubricant for penetration, lest the heat spark a wildfire.

Mentholated edible wax called Nibblers makes lips and nipples alike tingle with anticipation. The tradeoff here is that Nibblers needs to stay above the waist as they contain wax which does not go in the vaginal area as it could clog pores. But I guarantee the extra stimulation of the menthol paired with the spreadable wax base is not something you are going to find on the shelf by the candy corn and pumpkin spice cookies!

Finally, let’s not forget the added joy of turning your lover into the object of your consuming desire. Lick, tickle, tease, suck, whatever your pleasure, the tongue is one of the most stimulating tools you have in your passion arsenal! It’s wet, it’s soft, it’s firm, it’s smooth, it’s incredibly flexible and oh so intimate. Involve your hands, try with a vibrator, pair with a masturbation sleeve like Mimi, but whatever you do, don’t forget the Golden Rule, everyone deserves an equal share! Oral sex should never be a one sided engagement and if you give, you should also get. The trick is in the treat!


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