PleazeMe Interview: Dominnique Karetsos & the Future of Sextech

Join us for an intimate interview with one of the pioneers innovating pleasure and sexual wellness. Dominnique is CEO and co-founder of The Healthy Pleasure Group, a pioneering collective that seeks to define, reshape and revolutionize the sexual empowerment of all generations and pave the way for healthy sexuality and healthy pleasure for everyone.

She and Heather discuss how alliances could be formed and education that can be shared to help the leaders of social media and search online to better support this incredibly important part of our lives. Her inspiring passion for serving women and humanity is refreshing. We need more passionate people willing to speak up and set the example that pleasure and sex should be celebrated and enjoyed.

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About Dominnique Karetsos:

A born entrepreneur and seasoned brand and business architect, Dominnique has represented companies across beauty, retail and health for longer than she cares to remember. Beginning her entrepreneurial journey at 13 years old. She went on to graduate with degrees in International Marketing Management, Logistics Management from the University of Johannesburg . and a masters in Maritime and International Trade from Sweden International Business School, JIBS.

She has worked in more than 35 markets globally to help startups and market leaders improve and increase their sales, marketing and distribution channels through smart strategic planning to great success. Never afraid to turn her hand to reshaping and revamping a brand’s strategy, Dominnique has spent the past 20 years working for, supporting and advising major players on how to structure, outperform their competition and shape their narrative for both market growth and investment opportunities.

Eight years ago, Dominnique left her successful career and fell in love with the dark side of the sexual health industry. She saw its potential and future as it got into bed with technological innovation and knew then she could make a difference. Since then she has been a change agent for real and genuine education for and from (SH&T)brands that has raised the industry up together. She has never looked back.

Dominnique has seen the (SH&T) category grow at a rapid rate (now standing at £40bn globally) and chosen to face continual resistance with education and patience each time she has spoken with a VC, a journalist or a c-suite executive who showed prejudice towards one of the oldest industries in the world, casting judgement and marginalising The industry based on its taboo nature and divisive history.

Nearly a decade later, she is an established industry leader now seen as a talking head in the likes of Forbes, Oprah, BBC and Playboy and regularly presents her work at international conferences. She is also invited to speak annually at business conferences representing SH&T.

Seeking out, investing and sitting on the boards of some of the most successful businesses in SH&T when they were startups less than five years ago has meant Dominnique has been instrumental in changing behaviour.

About Pleazeme:

Have you checked out It is a social media platform where adults can be adults. We created the 7 Worlds of PleazeMe so that every person would have a place to privately explore their sexuality with like-minded people. We believe in love, sexuality, and the power of inclusion. People of all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicities, genders and sexualities are valuable and deserve to feel included. Everyone should have a safe place they can go to connect, discover and express themselves without fear of being judged, censored or discriminated against.


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