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Have you ever wondered if there is more to masturbation than what you already know?

Masturbation is a key component to self-love and sexual health. It is the most common form of sexual stimulation, with 80% of males and 59% of females having masturbated by age 18. Approximately 98% of men and about 95% of women have (or do) masturbate currently in the US.  The American Medical Association declared masturbation a normal and healthy sexual activity in 1972.

Masturbation Definition

Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals often to the point of orgasm.  It can be performed in numerous ways, using the hands, sex toys, dry humping, aided by sexual fantasies and by many other methods.

Masturbation is Good for Your Health!

Did you know that masturbation is actually good for you?  Check out these 30 fun facts about masturbation!


  1. Is a normal and healthy part of “maturing” as we explore our own bodies
  2. Is pleasurable and erotic
  3. Promotes self confidence
  4. Is a safe sex activity
  5. Is a natural stress reliever
  6. Helps you connect with yourself
  7. Allows you to pleasure yourself on your own terms
  8. Can help you figure out how you feel about sex
  9. Allows you to explore your sexual fantasies
  10. Is an acceptable selfish act
  11. Never requires you to make excuses about why you do it
  12. Is a gift you have just for yourself
  13. Is a way to enjoy and appreciate your own body
  14. Reduces stress by releasing endorphins
  15. Enhances self-esteem and confidence
  16. Promotes muscle relaxation
  17. Relieves menstrual cramps
  18. Improves blood flow to the genitals
  19. Can help to prevent the development of prostate cancer
  20. Keeps our sexual organs in good working order
  21. Is an effective natural cure for insomnia by the release of tension that lead to a deeper, quicker sleep
  22. Burns calories
  23. Relieves headaches and muscle aches
  24. Can work as a laxative, toning and controlling the lower abdominal muscles
  25. Can produce the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth
  26. Can unblock a stuffy nose as a natural antihistamine that combats hay fever
  27. Protects you from STDs and unplanned pregnancy
  28. Is an effective anti-depressant as it releases Dopamine, feel-good neurotransmitters from the
  29. brain
  30. Is a treatment for sexual dysfunction: In women it can teach them how to orgasm and in men it can teach them self-control to aid in premature ejaculation.

Loveology’s Masturbation Course

Loveology’s Masturbation Course thoroughly explores auto-stimulation for both the male and female sexual organs. You’ll discover multiple manual masturbation techniques and a variety of sex toys you can use to enhance your sexual satisfaction. Finally, to help those overcome sexual guilt or shame, we’ve included the physical, emotional and sexual benefits of masturbation.

Get the facts and techniques to enhance your personal pleasure with Self Pleasure from Loveology University.

This Masturbation Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Learn Dozens of Masturbation Techniques
  • You want to Introduce Masturbation to Your Lover
  • You want to Learn About Vagina Aerobics
  • You want to Masturbate for Penis Elongation

Masturbation Topics Include:

  • Ask The Expert Video on Masturbation
  • Female Masturbation
  • G-spot Masturbation
  • Male Masturbation
  • Prostate Masturbation
  • Different Positions
  • How to Introduce Masturbation to your Lover
  • Print out your own personalized certification after passing the quiz
  • Place your e-trophy on your website to prove you are certified

About This Masturbation Course

This course on Masturbation consists of:


  • Video: SELF PLEASURE Narrated Multimedia Presentation Video (1hr 8m)
  • Knowing Yourself: Body Assessment & Acceptance with Jallen Rix & Elaine Floyer (36 minutes)
  • Penthouse Sex Academy, Masturbation, Hosted by Dr. Ava Cadell & Dr. Hernando Chaves, (1hr, 23m)
  • Ask The Expert – Nicholas Tana, director of masturbation documentary Sticky (14 minutes)


  • Full PDF of course content on Self-Pleasure
  • The Loveology Guide To Inhibitions E‐book


Final Quiz – 25 questions

Check out Loveology’s Masturbation Course here for more info.


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