How to Create Passion in the New Year 2022 by Dr. Ava Cadell

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Can you believe it? 2021 is almost over?

Now here’s a little tidbit on that ancient ritual we all look forward to every year; The New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that it started in 153 B.C. when the Romans named the first month of the year after Janus, the dual-faced God of Beginnings? He is the symbol for resolutions because he could look backward and forward at the same time.

Always make your New Years Resolutions positive action steps for change. Plan, prioritize and then reward yourself when you have accomplished them.

I’d like to share three of my personal New Year’s Resolutions with you.

1. Learn Something New

I must admit that I’m addicted to knowledge and am always ready to learn something new that I can then share with others. Some of the most exciting things I’ve learned include painting, pole dancing, ballet, meditation, Shotokan karate, Tantra and BDSM. The emotional feelings that I get from learning something new includes a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and confidence. What would you like to learn in 2022?

2. Help Others

The emotional feelings that you can get from helping others includes happiness, greater value and appreciation, inspiration and motivation, and a sense of purpose by bringing joy to others. Whether it’s helping a friend by simply listening to their problems or giving a stranger a compliment to help them feel good about themselves, you can impact someone’s life in helpful ways. So make a list of ways that you can help others.

3. Balance My Life

Plan to bring greater enjoyment into your life by making appointments for more fun, romance, travel and even relaxation. Give up activities that drain your energy or make you feel unhappy. In fact, I’ve come up with my own criteria to say, “Yes” to offers. For business, my criteria are that it must be fulfilling, rewarding, worthwhile, profitable or highly visible. For my personal criteria, the activity must be inspiring, relaxing, unhurried, harmonious, or fun. How will you balance your life?

Now, list your own resolutions. To fulfill your objectives, visualize the end result of each one and tap into the emotional feelings that you will get from accomplishing them. Turn your New Year’s Resolutions into life-changing goals.

Here are 10 Relationship Resolutions

  1. Set a Romance Goal – Hold hands, kiss daily, make time for make-out sessions at least 3 times a week and take turns initiation romantic dates such as candlelight dinners or movie night.
  2. Set an Intimacy Goal – Listen to each other, be emotionally supportive, share your feelings and make love with eyes open at least 2 times a week.
  3. Set a Communication Goal –Ask your partner how you can be a better spouse or lover. Praise your partner often, give him or her a compliment every day, listen more, argue less, verbalize appreciation more and criticize less.
  4. Set a Collaboration Goal – Spend quality time together by doing things you both enjoy. Learn a new hobby together, take dance classes, Loveology online classes, cooking, yoga, camping, painting or volunteering for a charity.
  5. Set a Habit Changing Goal – Make a pact to help each other lose weight, stop smoking, procrastinating, being messy, lazy, grumpy or any other bad habit where you can support each other to quit.
  6. Set a Fun Goal – Play indoor and outdoor games like you did when you were a kid. From hide and seek to pillow fighting, be silly and playful to put the fun back into your relationship.
  7. Set an Intention Goal – Write a couples mission statement and include where you see your relationship in one year. Then frame it in your home as a personal and public reminder of your shared relationship mission.
  8. Set an Improvement Goal – Change something about yourself to make your relationship even better. For example, make an effort to dress up and greet your partner with a kiss after work, learn how to give a sensual massage or just get a fashion makeover.
  9. Set a Forgiveness Goal – Let go of past hurts, open up your heart and let love in with a fresh New Year’s start. Write a forgiveness letter to yourself or to someone who has hurt you, but end the letter by writing that you forgive.
  10. Set a Happiness Goal – Know what makes you happy individually and as a couple. Then live your life to the fullest by doing the things that make you happy, whether it’s eating ice cream, being pampered at a spa or cuddling with your partner.

Be realistic when setting your New Year’s Relationship Resolutions. The reality is that a consistently successful relationship takes compromise and commitment.

Sexy Positions

You can tell a lot about someone’s personality from the sex position they like best. If classic Missionary is your go-to, then you may be romantic, but not very adventurous, or if Sideways is your favorite, you may be the cuddly, cozy type. But whatever your preference, the New Year gives you a reason to expand your repertoire, try something new and think outside the sex box!

1. Missionary

What can we do for Mr. Missionary who needs to spice things up? How about flipping the woman on top? You’ll still have plenty of thrust capability, but this gives her a chance to take control of her pleasure by grinding her pelvis as hard as she wants for G-spot stimulation. Located about a third of the way between the vaginal opening and the cervix, this spot can be stimulated by the penis, especially when the guy lays back. He can easily bring her to orgasm in this position with added stimulation to her clitoris. By the way, men who favor the ‘female superior’ positions are voyeurs eager to please their lovers.

2. Sideways

Sideways positions are great for slow gentle rocking motions and sensual intimacy. For example, spooning is comfortable for the heavy-set or pregnant, and face-to-face scissors position allows easy access to kissing and caressing. But since deep penetration is hard to accomplish this way, a sideways junkie can switch things up by lifting the woman on top of his penis so she can rock her hips from side to side for a different type of sensation, stimulating one of her hidden treasures known as the U-spot, which is the opening of the urethra located above the vaginal opening and outer lips at either side of her vagina.

3. Doggy Style

Doggy style lovers are goal-oriented and the horniest of all the sexual personalities, so don’t blame them for being rough and ready at any time in any place. After all, they are alpha dogs by nature! Let’s look at some doggy variations worthy of a New Year’s Resolution. Try Standing Doggy, which takes more strength, balance and coordination, and is always a memorable choice.  I would encourage starting with Vertical Missionary position standing against a wall or a door. It’s great for eye contact and kissing, and then when the intimate passion is amped up, turn the woman to face away for a more animalistic standing rear entry position.  For a further variation, crouch down like a tiger and press your body against hers as you enter her from a deep and intense angle that is sure to stimulate her A-spot. Nicknamed for the ‘Anterior Fornix,’ this spot is also known as the ‘Female Prostate’ and is located beyond the G-spot. If you’ve already found the G-spot, then locating the A-spot should be a piece of cake. It’s deep inside the vagina on the upper (anterior) wall where there is a narrowing of the cervix of the uterus that feels like a circular indentation. Putting some gentle pressure on this ‘Frisbee around the cervix’ area can produce rapid vaginal lubrication and intense orgasms, even in women who are not naturally responsive sexually.

4. The Boar

Another orgasmic position is one from the ancient Kama Sutra known as Varaha (The Boar). Like the doggy, this position begins with the man penetrating his lover from behind, while the woman rests her forearms on the bed or floor. This props her rear end higher than her head and opens her wide, putting him in the direct path toward her G and A-spots. He can slide one or both hands up to her shoulders for leverage as he thrusts deeply and she can stimulate her clitoris to supercharge her pleasure. If The Boar becomes your favorite sex position, you are anything but a bore, as both the giver and receiver’s sex personality is wild and animalistic in nature, complete with the grunting and growling of pure lustful freedom. For more exciting Kama Sutra positions, check out my latest book The Idiots Guide to Kama Sutra, with full-color photos and descriptions of extra ways that you can find the most satisfying positions.

With the New Year upon us, now’s your chance to impress your lover and find deeper satisfaction through new sexual positions. By stimulating different muscles and triggering intense emotions, you can make sex feel even better and last longer. Communication is key to find out which positions please you and your lover the most. Sometimes a position you’ve never liked before can become a new favorite with the right variation.

May all your wishes come true for a passionate, prosperous and pleasurable New Year!

Dr. Ava


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