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Viloshni Moodley

Viloshni Moodley is an accredited Sexpert practicing as an Online Intimacy Coach. She is the founder and owner of Ultimacy Online, since leaving her over 25 years of management experience within Corporate. Her passion for empowering individuals with positive sex education and breaking the cycle of negative conditioning has influenced her change in career path. She believes relationships are the most important factor to overall well being and thus passionate about making a change to ensure people have more fulfilling relationships. Having a happy, healthy relationship provides balance in individuals and couples. Her work specialises in coaching individuals or couples who wish to achieve certain goals in the bedroom and short courses in different areas of sexuality.

Have You Ever Thought of Planning Your Orgasm?

Have you ever thought about planning your orgasm? Well, you go about life planning everything else, so why not? As humans, we put so much effort into planning; the route we will take to the office, the clothes we will wear, our breakfast, lunch &...