How to Boost Love, Passion & Happiness! 

Dr. Ava Cadell has opened the Loveology Retreat, in Maricopa, Calif described as a “Magical Property,” and an extension of the long-running online Loveology University, which she founded in 2007.

The retreat will offer weekly Yoga, Meditation, Hiking and Stargazing by the Stupa with a variety of accommodations to choose from and meals will be included.  

There will also be programs with workshops on, “Boosting Your Passion, Love and Happiness,” on Friday Oct. 14th – Sunday Oct 16th. In addition to Dr. Ava, speakers will include renowned Therapists: Dr. Shannon Chavez, speaking on building emotional intimacy; Dr. Hernando Chaves, speaking on enhancing sensual pleasure; Sabrina Jackson, demonstrating the use of sensual movement for healing of trauma; and Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Bath Guru, Ram Kirin.

“It has always been my dream to own a retreat where I can deliver my seminars to students, couples, families, widows and widowers, instructing and empowering them to learn how best to live and love,” said Dr. Ava. “In addition, this retreat can also serve as an ideal location for filmmakers, as well as for weddings and other family and couples-friendly events.”

The retreat will also include meditation, yoga and hiking. For more information on “Boosting Your Passion, Love and Happiness,” click here. A video tour of the retreat, narrated by Dr. Ava, can be viewed here. Visit the Loveology Retreat online and follow Loveology University on Twitter


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