How Get A Sexier Body In 25 Minutes With SculpSure. Forever. For Real.

Do you have “love handles”, a “muffin top”, or a “stomach poof?” Nobody’s perfect, but a new fat melting procedure will make you look a bit closer to “perfect.” The latest non-surgical procedure, SculpSure, reduces fat in 25 minutes on your stomach or your love handles, which doctors unromantically call “hip flanks.”

The SculpSure machine has just arrived at plastic surgeons offices around the country, and is a non-surgical–and way less scary procedure than traditional liposuction. Now you don’t have to be terrified to get your fat sucked out. Instead of sucking out your fat, the new anti-fatness machine “melts” your fat away.

“This is the biggest game changer in fat reduction in years,” says Dr. Mitchell Chasin, Medical Director of Reflections Center for Skin and Body in Livingston and Martinsville, N.J. The state-of-the-art “lipolysis” treatment heats up your fat with lasers attached to panels, which are strapped to your hips or abs. The procedure doesn’t hurt, but does heat up your fat deposits while it does it’s magic. It promises to remove about 25% of the fat in one treatment and takes 6-8 weeks to see the results. The biggest downside is the price; it’s about $1,200 and you’ll probably need two treatments, but that’s the price of beauty. No wonder Hollywood celebrities look so perfect.

The new, non-invasive procedure is an improvement on Cool Sculpting, which takes an hour, but is a better option for inner & outer thighs, and “back fat. “You’ll see this explode,” Dr. Chasin told us. “And it will become bigger than Cool Sculpting,” he says, which might be better than your hips or stomach exploding out of your Spanx.

Panels “melt off” your fat without melting off your skin.

Laser-no-invasivo-hipertermico-SculpSure-Cynosure-Spain (1)She’s getting her “abs” done.

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