Clinical Sexologist Debra Shade Opens Health and Wellness Center in Columbus, OH

Photo of Debra Shade, certified Clinical Sexologist

Debra Shade is a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert. Yup, she is listed right there with Dr. Ruth! With ten years of experience in the industry of sex education and health and wellness, Shade has opened Shades Oasis. A multi-purpose center where individuals can come and receive experiences and curriculum that teaches the importance of completing the sexual response cycle.

Shade is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach, author, and counselor. She holds a vast amount of knowledge about the sexual response cycle. Otherwise known as a climax. Shade uses various methods of delivering information about the benefits of releasing. Her workshops are hands on and easy to follow.  Individuals seeking to overcome barriers to orgasm can see that their health and wellness can be better. The benefits of orgasm include boost in the immune system, adjustment to depression, reduces heart risk, relives headaches, and builds individual self-esteem. They serve a purpose and Shades Oasis will be a space where people can come and gain knowledge, they were never given in school or family.

The wellness center houses the ability to address body health by offering workshops such as naked yoga, meditation and mindfulness which are pillars to the services offered to members. The venue has a massage room where practitioners come in to perform massage using hot stone, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, yoni, and prostrate techniques. As well, she partners with mediums, performers, and artist to show how intimacy shows up. She uses years of research to create courses that describes steps to performing various acts that will cause the receiver to complete the sexual response cycle. Understanding that stages of the cycle combined with an understanding of the anatomy and the role it plays, allows you to provide a pleasurable experience. This information and more are covered in 14 courses which she will deliver at the venue. A true opportunity for modern day sex education.

Shades Oasis is a ten-year dream come true. She has a place to hold her workshops after spending years of struggling to find a venue that worked for the nature and topic of sex. She believes it is a shame that it is still taboo to share information about sex for pleasure She is on a quest to change that language and encourage individuals to discover their pleasure plan and be able to tell mates about it. This increases the chances that you will get what you need. Shade believes having a space where individuals can complete the practicum and get immediate feedback on actions performed. What needs to be adjusted and guided and Debra is proud to be the voice of orgasms and change the way we treat individuals who seek to have the experience. Within Shades Oasis, individuals will be able to play out that they want to explore and experience. It is a BYOB facility and requires a membership. You can come to the venue as often as you like as there is a different theme per night.  The venue is located at 3375 S. Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43232 

Contact Info:

Debra Shade, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist |Email: [email protected]

Organization: Shades Oasis |Phone: 614-653-8722 | Website:


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