Clinical Sexologist Debra Shade Announces Guidebook for Understanding and Mastering Pleasure

With a proven record of success in her private practice in Columbus, Ohio and popularity as a keynote speaker, trainer and counselor, Clinical Sexologist Debra Shade has announced the release of a new book built to help all individuals home in on and command pleasure. Climax: The Power of Great Sex is Shade’s guidebook for those wanting to learn more about the art of climax. Tailoring the techniques, Shade provides a unique perspective for attaining pleasure for individuals and couples of all orientations.

With a private practice specializing in counseling clients through barriers to completing the sexual response cycle, Shade attempts to change the way we talk about our intimacy activities on a global scale. For too long, intimacy and pleasure have been topics that seem taboo and aren’t effectively communicated in relationships, social circles or the world at large. Debra Shade believes that in order to pursue and ultimately master pleasure, we must overcome messages we have lived a lifetime with and know what we need to be healthy while learning to overcome barriers that keep us stuck at a certain place and unable to move forward in our intimate lives. Her personal knowledge and success helps her articulate specific facets of the world of pleasure and share them in a way that is beneficial to all readers.

Climax: The Power of Great Sex serves as a guidebook to pleasure and unlocks the power of orgasm in a way that is enlightening, exciting and life-changing. Too many of us struggle with achieving orgasm alone or with a partner and Shade’s new book breaks down why that struggle exists and how to eliminate it altogether. Climax breaks down the sexual response cycle to completion in a way that is easy to read, understand and apply. Once knowledge of the way this cycle works is achieved, individuals have access to a key to the vast world of intimacy and orgasm that they have never experienced before. With information about anatomy and erogenous zones that can be activated to achieve ultimate pleasure, individuals can begin using the information they learn right away and are sure to experience results from first trials and applications.

Combining her experience helping clients through intimacy roadblocks with her ability to speak effectively to a crowd as keynote speaker, Shade has created the perfect guidebook that anyone can pick up and achieve results with. People of any and all orientations can find useful information in its pages as Shade made sure that all content in the book is as inclusive as possible. Every person should be able to experience pleasure and climax and it is Shade’s greatest hope that this book helps them be able to do just that. Orgasms, while seldomly discussed, are so important. However, too many people struggle to achieve them in any type of sexual activity. Using the techniques described in Climax, individuals can learn about what they may specifically need to work on to improve their ability to have more pleasure, reach climax and have great sex.

Debra Shade has created an easy-to-follow roadmap that can be used for all people, in all situations. Climax: The Power of Great Sex is the key to the map of pleasure that most of us have been searching for all of our lives. With its therapeutic baseline, everyone can benefit from the information it shares. It was Shade’s deepest hope to help more people have more pleasure in their lives and the release of her latest work achieves that very wish.

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