What Are America’s Kinkiest Cities And Towns?

Who buys the kinkiest sex toys in America? A sex toy retailer took notes. According to Healthy and Active, an online sex toy store, “As a company that ships out over a million dildos, Ben Wa balls, lube, wands, harnesses, handcuffs, vibrating eggs, sex dolls and other toys, we’re in a unique position to gauge America’s secret desires. So we decided to take a look at which zip codes we ship the most products to — and which products they order the most of.”

So what did they find out? “When it comes to sex toys,” they report, “the suburbs are where it’s at.” That’s right, those stay-at-home Moms are kinkier than you thought! “While there are a few exceptions,” they say,” it turns out the zip codes that ordered the most giant dildos weren’t located in cities at all. New York’s Chelsea neighborhood gets its fair share of action, as does Washington, LA and San Francisco. But while cities have retail outlets geared to sex, suburbs usually don’t — that’s where we come in.”

Here, in order of their most-ordered sex toys for sexy time:

1. South Miami Beach, FL 

Suburb of: Miami

Top Seller: Ball Stretcher

“While ball stretchers topped the list of the products we shipped most frequently, the boxes going to South Beach are full of bondage gear and toys for anal play.”

2. Cedar Park, TX 

Suburb of: Austin

Top Seller: Butt Plugs

“The northern suburbs of Austin were a recurring theme on our list of top zip codes —Texas is one of our best-selling regions overall. And the next town over, they say, is one of their most shipped to towns. It’s called Pluggerville.

3. Chandler, AZ 

Suburb of: Phoenix

Top Seller: Cuffs

Located on the outskirts of Phoenix, Chandler was named “Playful City” USA in 2016 for its abundance of parks and recreation. But a tech resurgence led by companies like Intel has brought a new nerdy but kinky crowd — and with it, a seemingly insatiable desire for floggers and restraints.

4. Argyle, TX 

Suburb of: Dallas

Top Seller: Nipple Clamps

Argyle and neighboring Grapevine, TX are just north of Dallas, are wealthy towns and big fans of sex and fetish products. CNN Money once named Grapevine one of America’s Best Places to Live. Who knew good ‘ol boys were such good ‘ol kinksters?

“The anal toy and ball stretcher seller says “Many of our most-shipped to destinations — the zip codes that ordered the largest and greatest variety of products — were often on the outskirts of town, in quiet little hamlets with cookie cutter houses and picket fences.”

5 Kinkiest Urban Zip Codes

  1. Judiciary Square, Washington DC (20001)
  2. Belltown, Seattle (98121)
  3. Chelsea, New York (10011)
  4. Magnificent Mile, Chicago (60611)
  5. SOMA, San Francisco (94107)

5 Kinkiest Suburbs of Big Cities:

  1. New York — Hoboken, NJ (07030)
  2. San Francisco — Santa Rosa, CA (95403)
  3. San Jose — Morgan Hill, CA (95037)
  4. Los Angeles — Long Beach, CA (90802)
  5. Washington DC — Alexandria, VA (22304)

photo of Grapevine, TX by Raymond Lafourgette

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